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Free «Ethical Problems» Essay Sample

Identify the problem

George was absent minded because of several reasons. Most importantly, he was preoccupied with getting his ailing son and family home so that they can have some rest after a long drive. His attention was also divided between driving and captivating last minutes of a basketball game broadcasted on radio in which his favorite team was playing. As a result, George was unconsciously speeding, and it only came to his attention when the police beckoned him to pull over. The policeman gave him a ticket which he had to settle at the police station that was far from where they were. It was Sunday. So it would take him quite some time to process it. George was torn between driving to the police station in spite of his ailing son and giving patrol the bribe and being involved in corruption.

Identify three possible stakeholders.

The stakeholders are: members of his family because they tired and want to rest, himself because he has to make a decision that favors everyone, and the policemen because they must preserve law and order.


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Identify and briefly discuss three alternative solutions to the problem.

George had the option of putting his family in a cab before driving to the police station to settle the ticket, or drive to the police station with his family, or drive his family home then settle the ticket later even though this meant attracting penalties.

Identify the solution you would choose and explain how it impacts each of the stakeholders you identified.

I would choose to put the family in a cab then proceed to settle the ticket. As a result, George would solve the problem without delay that could attract penalties. At the same time, his family can proceed with the journey home without unnecessary delays, and George will have a clean conscience knowing that he did not commit a felony in the form of bribery; thus, preserving his integrity and that of the police.


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