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Free «Ethical Issues in HRM Strategy» Essay Sample

Human resource refers to the management of personnel in an organization. Human resource oversees that employees carry out their work effectively. Human resource management helps in managing people so that they can perform their duties efficiently. Human resource managers always view employees as resources to the organization. This helps in human capital management (Mayo, 1945).

Role of HRM in an Organization

The human resource office is tasked with employing new personnel, assessing employees and awarding employees. Success in an organization is attributed to the human resource management office. Since it ensures efficiency in work and helps the organization to be competitive in the business world. They contour employee spirits and enthusiasm and have an express bearing on the organization's viable aptitude. It also helps in streamlining and making use of available resources (Armstrong, 2008).

The human resource department also contributes to the achievement of an organization’s goals. It helps in making use of policies that are intended to ensure the right employees are available in the right positions at the right time. Premeditated human resource management is crucial to ensuring conformity in a world in which employment laws and regulations are inclined to be complicated and often change swiftly and radically. The human resource management ensures that business strategies are able to withstand any changes without any negative impacts (Mayo, 1945).



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The human resource management also helps in identifying faults in terms of internal mobility, job plan, peripheral appointing needs, setting, guidance, miscellany, and existing human resource activities. The human resource management also helps in spotting new changes that are needed to on hand programs. It also assists to delineate new activities or strategies to deal with performance administration, career management and employee communications issues. The human resource management also helps in preparing department budgets (Armstrong, 2008).

Human Resource Strategies

Human resource strategies are usually intended to build up the proficiency, mind-set and behaviors among staff in order to accomplish set goals. Human resource strategy comprises ideologies for organizing labor through HR guidelines and practices. It envelops the various functions of human resources such as staffing, reimbursement, performance management, remuneration and acknowledgment, employee associations and training (Armstrong, 2008).

There are two significant questions that are catered for when developing human resource strategies. The two questions are: what kinds of people are running the business and how do you need to manage them in order to meet the strategic business objectives. The second question is, which programs and initiatives must one come up with in order to create a center of attention, widen and hold on to staff to compete effectively. Human resource strategies address four main dimensions of an organization. The four dimensions are culture, organization, people and human resource systems. Culture refers to the way of life of the people working for the business. It also refers to the style of administration in the organization. Organization refers to the organization, job responsibilities and the various levels in the organization. The human resource systems in the organization refer to the people focused machinery which delivers the strategies (Lundy, 1996).

The four dimensions considered in human resource strategies ensure that business strategies align with the human resource strategies. Their main issue is to achieve goals. The human resource strategies ensure that the goals set in the business strategies are achieved and met. Human resource strategies and business strategies ensure that the right people run the business. Just like business strategies, HR strategies are embedded with the organization’s dreams, undertakings and goals. Both strategies deal in work productivity outcomes. Human resource strategies can be easily customized to business strategies. This is because the goals in both strategies are the same and hence the strategies set in human resource management can be customized to business strategies (Lundy, 1996).

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Importance of Establishing HRM Strategies

Human resource management resources are useful to an organization in various ways. HRM strategies benefit an organization’s bottom line. They also help to perk up employee inspiration and contentment. Through HRM strategies, employees are also able to reach their potentials which in turn help them in building their own careers. HRM strategies also guarantee customer satisfaction, quality services, errors are catered for and that employees are retained. It also ensures maximum input and outputs (Lundy, 1996).

The establishment of HRM strategies helps in ensuring that an organization is highly competitive in the business world. All those significant things about HRM strategies I have mentioned lead to a successful competitive organization (Lundy, 1996).

Ethical Issues/Dilemma’s in HRM Strategies

There are various ethical dilemmas experienced in HRM strategies. These dilemmas or issues provide a setback to the field of human resource management. Some of these dilemmas or issues are: race, gender and disability, salary and reimbursement plans, employment issues, and privacy issues. In some organizations, employees are usually discriminated against due to their race, gender, originality and even disability. In some countries, women are marginalized. This is a setback to HRM strategies. It also de-motivates employees and this may lead to failure of achieving goals. Another dilemma experienced in Human resources is hiring of new personnel. The dilemma comes in when some people are favored and get to be hired because they know someone in the organization. Another dilemma in hiring of employees comes in when someone is hired and later on they are found to be illegible and that they had given fake documents in order to meet the job qualifications (Mayo, 1945).

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Privacy issues are another dilemma for the human resource function. Everyone has a personal side to their life. This demands privacy. Their privacy may be violated when certain situations that allow for snooping of the employee’s life may arise (Armstrong, 2008).


Human resource management strategies are of vital importance to the organization. It allows the organization to be competitive and to reap the benefits of these strategies. It also ensures that employees are well catered for in order to motivate them (Mayo, 1945).  


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