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Establishing an all boy school is one of the initiatives that are aimed at creating centre that will empower the boys to be men of substance in the society. The organization will be aimed at offering a chance for the boys to learn. Whenever planning on setting up an organization in Africa, one of the developing countries, it is important to take the user's needs into account. Despite the strategy that the initiators of the organization may have, it would be important to take into account the client needs and also the local information seeking behavior.Such challenges may also require taking into account the moral code of conduct and this may require the organization to change some of the goals and objectives which have to be customized to meet the local customs and norms (Hambleton, 2004).

The aspect of religious and taboos that guide the operations of most of African tradition have to be taken into account when designing the programs that one could like to see implemented. This modification may have an enormous impact in the organizations ability in meeting its goals and objectives (Durojaiye, 2009). The organization may also face the challenge of language barrier that has become the most noted barrier in meeting the objectives. Such challenges will lead to spending more in hiring the middle men or translators who in return may end up distorting the message. This will also require the organizers to go beyond the dissemination and get to the communication quadrant and be able to incorporate the user's responses in planning the way forward for the organization activities.

Introducing a common code of conduct may also be difficult since most of the communities have different code of conduct and this will require the organization to harmonize the code of conducts and also sell the idea to all the involved stakeholders.


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