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The contemporary business world has continued to experience numerous instances of violation of ethics and ethical standards by businesses and organizations, and the Logistics and Services Company is no exception. In reference to Ferrell and Ferrell (2009), it is important for companies to make an effort to wipe-out any improper practices and behaviours as a way of assuring their longevity in business (p.3). Following the research that was conducted regarding the firing of the previous executives Logistics and Services Company, its evident the executives were dismissed off their duties as a result of management malpractices. Notably, the executives took bribes from an outside organization to purchase certain products and therefore violated business ethics.

Research Finding and DiscussionIn reference to Dlabay & Burrow (2008), business ethics refers to the practice of working and running organization's operations in accordance with the law, and avoiding situations or actions that could result in a lawsuit against an employee's or the company, and avoiding actions that may mar the image of the company (p.v). Apparently, most businesses are more concerned with these three aspects since they entail the company's reputation and loss of money which can affect the business operations.In consistent with this, the executives who initially worked for Logistics and Services Company put the company's reputation at stake by taking bribes. Their unethical actions also led to the loss of a great deal of money since they were operating with an outside corporation at the expense of the company. In this regard, a company that is morally responsible ought to pay exceptional attention scrupulous marketing, product safety, and human working conditions. Though morality and ethics in business may be quite costly, it has been found to protect organizations from certain public and legal actions (Dlabay & Burrow 2008, p.50).

According to Ferrell & Ferrell (2009), most companies establish principles and policies which corporate executives, managers, and employees ought not to deviate away from (p. 8). With this in mind, the Logistics and Services Company had a set of principles that were supposed to be followed to the latter. Bribery was one among the factors which were stated in the company's principles and all employees were supposed not issue or receive bribe under any circumstances (p.8). It was unethical therefore for the executives to take bribe as an inducement to purchase the products of another business. Thus, the supervisor's decision to fire the two top executives who were involved in corruption was ethical and acceptable.Business ethics call for free and fair market, and therefore it's unethical to issue or receive bribe so as to buy or sell products of other businesses. Ethics stipulates that businesses are restricted to operate in accordance with the law, thus the former executive's act of taking bribes was unlawful hence unethical. Moreover, this unethical act also symbolizes the "quid pro quo" philosophy. This philosophy often generated unacceptable business practices and behaviours that could easily lead to failure of the business or organization.

In relation to Ferrell and Ferrell (2009), understanding business ethics was an essential factor for any business since unethical practices could destroy the company's image, and alienate the local community, employees, and suppliers (p.2). Business ethics was a subjective topic, nonetheless it was of vast importance across all business areas. This ranged from customer service and finance to product development and marketing. In addition, business ethics had a remarkable role to play in making guaranteeing the business success and adherence to corporate social responsibility. Consequently, adopting an ethic-specific method aided in ensuring a business model that was legitimate and long term (Ferrell & Ferrell 2009, p.5).Social responsibility and business ethics are very vital for the profitability and productivity of any business. Considering that the business world has often been rocked by several environmental disasters and corporate scandals, it is important that organizations set forth the effort to establish, maintain, and regain public and customer trust. Perhaps, organizations need to dismiss employees who are found carrying out practices that are against business ethics.


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