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The recent rise in violent crime in America is not new just like gun politics. Crime has been surging over generations due to problems within the socio-culture, economic, and political structure of a nation. Many criminologists have blamed this surge on lax gun control laws but this is not the case. This essay discusses the ethical reasons on why guns should not be controlled.In 1990, the University of Pittsburg conducted a survey on gun ownership in America. They found out that about half of the American households have a gun. This is due to the surge in crime and the need to protect oneself from the street gangs and organized criminals who have made it unsafe and insecure. Today the laws concerning gun ownership are stricter than they were 40 years ago. People applying for a gun have to be of 21 years and above with sound judgment. Violation of gun laws has a harsh penalty therefore people should be free to access guns if they feel.

In economic gains, the public and the federal government benefits from the sale of guns. These guns are a source of tax revenue that benefits the whole country. Making guns illegal means that people will seek illegal firearms and the government loses everything. Gun selling creates jobs for the manufacturers and sellers and closing this channel is loss of economic benefit. The hard economic times have forced parents and families to work beyond limit. This makes them to have little time for each other to build moral and family cohesion. The little they have worked for needs to be protected because they have sacrificed time and money so that they live a good life. This is one of the reasons why guns should not be controlled because people will seek the illegal firearms for protection. It is important to note that controlling guns opens up another route for access because people cannot afford to lose their property and lives because of the lack of a licensed gun. Gun ownership will lead to reduction in crime because people will fear.

It is easy for a government to control crime when guns are controlled instead of being illegalized. Whenever a crime is committed, the detectives are able to track the kind of gun used. This is because proper records can help to show the kind of gun a person has, the location and relation to the person who has been shot. In the use of illegal firearms, detectives find it hard to locate the owner of the gun due to lack of proper documentation. In the light of organized crime, illegalization of guns means that criminals will use the black market to get guns and this too will lead to a crime surge. Gun control would make it hard for many people to own gun and this will make them vulnerable to organized criminal gangs.As much as we recognize the role of law enforcers, it is wise to note that they cannot be able to make everyone in a population feel secure. The rising population and diminishing resources means that for the people to feel protected from criminals they have to be empowered with guns. If the state allows gun control, this will be infringing the rights of persons of self protection. The presence of fear or the lack of it is not attributed to the presence of security enforcers. This is why people should be allowed to possess guns if it does make them feel secure.

In conclusion, the deteriorating morals and the increasing gap between the rich and the poor is what should be blamed for crime increase. People should address the source of the problem rather than the outcome. The government needs to do more on security than it has done in the past to make people to feel protected. Columbine High School killings and those of Cho Seung-Hui highlight the need of a gun and the lax security.


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