Free «Is Society Today Becoming More Ethical» Essay Sample

The importance of ethics in everyday life is acknowledged by everyone, and everybody hopes for a certain kind of ethical behavior towards them from society, but very few of us can understand what ethics really is in today’s context. Basically, Stark (2010) felt that ethics is something that is well-understood and hence does not want to go through any discussion regarding the minute aspects of ethics. But one can only understand the true sense of ethics when they immerse it with the real-world applications. There are numerous matters like socio-political events, economical factors and even military aspects that can be clearly understood with ethics. Ethics is all about understanding what is right and what is wrong as Thomas Paine (1824) has mentioned in The Rights of Man, “No man is prejudiced in favor of a thing knowing it to be wrong. He is attached to it on the belief of its being right” (p.154).

Stensöta (2010) noted that ethics is all about the conceptions of virtue and vice in our personal lives. It is about the principles, which make our daily involvements possible. Most people believe that ethics has to do something with the basic quality of work or living. That is why the process of critical thinking is necessary. What Gregory Foster has stressed in his writings is that a person has to think twice before taking any decision that might have consequences in any level, and that decision-making process is directly proportional to the ethics of the person. There is a certain kind of belief that today’s society lacks ethics, but still, Carmalt (2011) notes that we come across news that make us proud as a human being, here we can talk about the person who has only one kidney, and yet he wants to donate that to someone as it would make the family of the person more happy as he or she will live a normal life. This is nothing but choices, the choice to make the world a better place, a place worth living.


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