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Free «Killer Industries» Essay Sample

Killer industries are business organizations which tend to violate legal and ethical rules that bind businesses. It is unfortunate that business ethics seem to be designed for philosophers and social critics since they appear in booklets but bear no results in the practice. For the success of an industry to be realized, business ethics ought to be put into consideration with the seriousness it deserves.

It is a requirement by the industrial law that any business organization be conducted in accordance to the business ethics and stipulated business memoranda. Unfortunately, some industries end up offering their services contrary to the ethics resulting to the existence of killer industries in the world of business. These industries are harmful to the countries' economy, human living standards and ethics and pose danger to everyone associated with them particularly in terms of finance.

However, in most cases killer industries have good records just like their history has it. This is because they once started as good industries and their formation was in accordance with the industrial law but some eternal effects made them to lose their way in ethical perspective. These effects may either be internal or external. External forces can entail political and market related issues whereas internal effects may include organization's structure or even culture.



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In addition, the ethics of an organization are required by industrial law to be well stipulated in the organization's ethic strategy in form of a document. This contains basic guidelines which are supposed to be followed and adhered to by an organization in the process of its business activities. However, ethics strategy contains three basic guidelines which failure to go by their provisions results to crime commitment, and this is according to the industrial law.

The first guideline stipulates that, ethics strategy ensures that the activities carried out by an organizational are legal, ethical and within the regulatory guidelines. The second stipulates that individual character in the business environment follows the guidelines of the business ethics. This is achieved by carrying out training on employees and stakeholders. Lastly, an organization is required to give a room for monitoring the ethic procedures within its environment.

However, in order for a business organization to develop an ethics strategy, it is required to commence by conducting its activities within the regulatory requirements of industrial law. This is because these requirements impose minimal chances of conducting unethical activities. In addition, if an organization carries its activities in accordance to the industrial requirement guidelines, it can as well be said to be ethical. This is because the required guidelines are the backbone or rather the basic requirements prerequisite to ensure prevalence of ethics.

An industry is a profit-oriented business. In addition, it is also concerned with its reputation in the eyes of stakeholders and the public. However, the managers work hard in ensuring that an industry is making profit to their satisfaction which in turn earns the industry a good reputation even in the eyes of the public. Business environment is not always stable. Instability of a business environment affects its performance in the market which calls for the implementation of other unusual cum unneccessary measures to try and assist the business to withstand the hostile environment.

However, instability of a business's performance is caused by either external or internal factors. External factors are far beyond the reach of an organization's control which by trying to control them means that a business has to perform poorly in the market but find a way in which it will withstand the environment. These factors can either be political or market conditions. Market conditions can be from competition in the market or inflation in the economy. Competition can be controlled easily but inflation may prove quite a challenging task to handle. Political instability is ethically uncontrollable but it can if unethical means are applied to handle the situation.

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An industry uses unethical means such as lobbying through corruption for favor from politically influential individuals for their survival. This turns the industry into a political industry which uses political means to acquire favor in its performance grading. This is morally not fair and even not genuine as an industry is supposed to use business methodologies in order to survive in competitive markets by proving itself strong.

Politics outdo industrial laws and requirements in a business environment. This means that a business organization will neglect moral and ethical strategies in its activities once it gives in to politics influence in its operation.

Individuals using political influence use the same influence and intervene in the running of the business both in its external and internal environment. In external environment, these persons determine who is to either supply or distribute materials belonging to the organization. This is not fair since they use their allies to perform those responsibilities and hence those who were formerly assigned with the same jobs are rendered jobless.

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In addition, politically influential persons are capable of influencing internal environment of a business. In most cases, they employ their allies who run the business in accordance to their will. This negatively affects the industrial laws and regulations because some employees are retrenched so as to give room for these allies. In such conditions, the business's large portion of its gains ends up in the hands of the politicians and their allies rather than to the shareholders and other business activities. In some cases, politicians use their power to lead the business into evading tax which is an economical crime and harmful to the nation. Such a business can as well be referred to as a killer business in a killer industry.

A Killer industry does not conduct its operations in accordance to the industrial guidelines. Therefore it does not meet the requirements of either the stakeholders or the consumers. The business is immoral as well as unethical. The current moral and ethical issues associated with the industry include failure to meet the requirements of either the stakeholders or the economy. The managers abuse their powers in dictating the running of the business thus creating unbearable environment for employees and other stakeholders.

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It is also worth noting that managers use their power for personal interests. Their motive is mainly on profit making regardless of the code of ethics applied in the money making. In such a case a business uses illegal methods to earn money such as production of low quality goods which may be harmful to the consumers and also using illegal means to cover up justice such as corruption and political favors (Frederic, 2002).

However, in the society, the moral obligation of a business, which is socially required, is that which is contained in the industrial law. It is as well stipulated in the requirement guideline and it requires that a business practice honesty in its activities. Social honesty is practiced in advertising, ensuring product safety, safe working environment, fair hiring and firing practices among others. Killer industry violates all these requirements thus imposing danger to the living standards and even the lives of anyone depending on the services delivered.

A killer industry implies lies in the advertising programs with the aim of pulling more customers for their products. These products are of low quality since cheap methods of production were applied with the aim of increasing production outputs. Thus when consumed they are likely to cause health risks to the consumer. This is immoral as well as unethical thus an industry commits crime against the industrial law and povisions.

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A killer industry makes its employees to work under unsafe environmental conditions. For instance, in mechanical industries, it is a requirement of the industrial law that employees be provided with safety gadgets to reduce the risk of acquiring injuries in the working place. Some industries do not provide these materials and this may also be termed as unethical and lack of morals and also being against the industrial law. Safe working environment implies that health measures are taken seriously and an organization must have risk and safety department which safeguards the employees.

Hiring and firing of employees is required by industrial law to be carried out in accordance to the law. The practice has to be fair and transparent to the stakeholders. This allows chances to the best qualified and not to the best known as it is the case with the killer industries. The law requires that vacant posts be advertised in order for qualified candidates to apply for the posts. In case of firing, the particular affected employee is supposed to have been notified of the mistakes carried out. Killer industries carry out firing procedures without giving notifications which is unjust and against the rights of the affected employee.

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In addition, killer industries also do not spare the physical environment. For instance, industries laws have defined the sites where wastes can be disposed safely. However some industries end up disposing harmful wastes to the environment regardless of the dangers posed on the welfare of those who reside near the industries and also the well being of the entire world. This is because the pollution issue is apparent to all and it may not discriminate its fatal impacts on any living individual. This is immoral and against the code of ethics (Duska, 2007).

Furthermore, the ethics and morality of an industry may be determined by management structure of an organization. This is mainly because top management positions are the decision makers and low level persons work under the conditions of the management. In qualitative running methods of a business, every individual associated with an organization is given a chance to express their ideas and suggestions in the decision making process but in the case of killer industries evacuation is done to employees during the processes.

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In conclusion, business ethics and morality are powerful tools for economical development of a nation. Industries which carry out their activities with accordance with the industrial laws and regulations are liable to payment of tax whereas killer industries evade tax through covering up their earnings may be through the influence of the political power thus benefiting few individuals. Killer industries are harmful to the nation since they subject employees and consumers to health hazards in working places and in production of low quality products.

However, available approaches which can be applied to curb killer industries cannot succeed to the fullest. This is mainly because of the different environments that these industries carry out their activities. Public industries are easier to control as compared to the private owned industries which hardly give attention to morality issues in their conducts. Another hindrance is the poverty level of the majority which pushes them into working under unsafe conditions and consuming low standardized products produced by killer industries.

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In addition, government can control the existence of killer industries through application of two important measures. The first measure is to give power to the industrial courts to shut down every industry found to violent moral and ethical provisions. The second will include prohibiting politicians from getting involved into the activities of industries in the nation. Implementation of such measures will help to reduce corruption in the industry as well as improve living standards of people as well as the country's economy.


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