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Ethical Standards of Health Information Management

For the Health Information Profession, a number of ethical codes have been developed with reason to govern the conduct of its members in a professional way. For members in this field, one is required to respect the rights and dignity of an individual, show courtesy by respecting his/her superiors and/or colleagues. He/she is expected to work towards achieving through being responsible, efficient and proper organization, refrain from being dishonest or conduct any form of illegal conduct. Most importantly, he/she should preserve and classify any information or records pertaining to a patient. A professional in his capacity should be able to report to authorities any form of violation that may lead to misconduct and lastly, he/she should be able to strive to see that the objectives of the Health Information Management are promoted duly (AMIA).

Core Values, Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice in Relation to HIM

The profession requires that a member heeds to the laid laws which are set to guide him/her in job performance. The Values, code of ethics and standards of practice reflect what is required of a member in Health Information Management thus core values, code of ethics and standards of practice apply. This effectively helps a member recognize his/her position in Health Information management thus act appropriately with minimal supervision (NAHQ).

Methods used by healthcare providers in Tennessee to maintain compliance with laws regarding controlled substances

In the state of Tennessee, the Tennessee Board of Pharmacists has implemented measures to maintain compliance regarding controlled substances. This is aimed at serving Tennesseans through the provision of fair, flexible and a positive regulatory environment. This has been achieved through: Maintenance of integrity of the Pharmacy Industry and professions through public confidence. Establish strict policies which are aimed at protecting the public while balancing the interest of consumers, industries and professionals. Provide Services and avail information which assists the public respond to the regulated profession and lastly. Enhance the quality of life, health and safety for Tennesseans (TN.Gov).


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