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A preamble may be defined as the expressionary and introductory proclamation that features in a document. Its purpose is to explain the document's sole rationale as well as the underlying philosophy. If used in the opening of paragraphs such as a statute. A preamble may possibly recite past facts significant to the topic of the statute. The American Sociological Association preamble in the Code of Ethics section clears up commonly appreciated set of values upon sociologists fabricate their scientific as well as professional work. According to the preamble, the ASA code of ethics is supposed to furnish both the rules to cover professional situations met by sociologists in the course of their work as well as provide them with the general rules.

Furthermore, the preamble explains that the fundamental objective of the code of ethics is to protect the welfare of the people as well as groups of people who partner with sociologists in the course of their work. Therefore, it is the personal responsibility of to ensure that they adhere to the "highest possible standards of conduct in research, teaching, practice, and service". According to ASA, sociologists are guided by five main general principles. They are required to be individuals with high level of integrity; they should be professionally competent, be socially responsible and uphold scientific and professional responsibility. In addition, sociologists are supposed to respect for people's dignity, diversity and rights.



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Sociologists endeavour to preserve the highest possible levels of aptitude in their work; they are familiar with the restrictions of their expertise; and they embark on only those tasks for which they are trained either through experience, training or education. Furthermore, they appreciate the importance of advancing their education in order to remain professionally competent.  Sociologists are supposed to be "fair, respectful and honest of others in their professional dealings". They are not supposed to act in contradiction or in such ways that may possibly tarnish their professionalism. To be responsible, sociologists must at all times stick to the highest professional as well as "scientific and professional standards and accept responsibility for their work". In the process of trying to be collegial, sociologists are required to never let the yearning to be collegial prevail over their mutual accountability for ethical behaviour.

While conducting their work related dealings sociologists always recognize the fact that others need to hold their rights appertaining to opinions, values and attitudes that differ from theirs. Sociologists recognize that they ought to be scientific and professional responsible for the communities they live in. Therefore, their knowledge is applied to the advantage of the entire public.

American Values

Undertaking one's studies in the United States of America can be a pleasant rewarding and wonderful experience. Apart from having all the best resources to help you accomplish your education, a person is assured of attending of the world's high ranked education institutions. This is a land where you have the rare opportunity of practising the English language in and out of class, through interaction, you able to learn more with regard to the American culture as well as the confusing life associated with it. It is crucial to know that the American society comprises of the most diversified cultures as well as ethnic groups that have completely altered the Americans social values.

Furthermore, an individual with an interest in studying in America will realize that some people or a group of people posses their own set of values that are totally dissimilar to those observed by the majority of Americans. While in the United States of America, there are some values that are pertinent to any international student. Very early in their childhood, the value of individuality is inculcated in the mind of every American. Such an aspect will be helpful to an international student since the same value will be transferred therefore enabling one to be totally independent.

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To avoid being intrusive, any international student ought to understand the significance of privacy among Native Americans. Even no one in the world enjoys privacy and being alone as Americans do. So it would be quite important to try and let it remain that way. Furthermore, Americans from the United States hold on to the idea that each and every person is equal to another irrespective of their origin, ethnic group, political, religious or moral affiliations. The laws are also meant to protect each and every person equally. For instance, the absence of reverence to influential individuals in authority signifies equality. Being timely or simply observing time is an important value that is observed by each and every U.S. American. The notion that time is money has triggered the habit of being time observant while lateness is not permissible. As an international student, it is therefore important that you learn the aspect of trying to be punctual.

Furthermore, the general U.S. American life style is casual. Students dress casually while attending lectures and it is nothing out of the blue to spot lecture dressed in casual as well. Furthermore, greetings and farewells are more casual with the extensive use of slangs such as "hi" or "see you". For a typical American, developing and dropping friends is just a norm of the day. As an international student, you ought to possess the competitive spirit - A kind of spirit that permits you to out play your own record, to work harder and to be always on the go - Because that is what a U.S. American is. One who does not hold grudges and works out differences with or without a third party. While studying in America, you will find that your personal opinion matters whether in class or outside. You are expected to demonstrate some degree of change as "change is often equated with progress and holding on to traditions seems to imply old and outdated ways"

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Amish Culture, Beliefs and Lifestyle

The Amish form of religion stands out amongst the others for several diverse reasons. Due to their religious affiliation, Amish have persisted in their quest to outs themselves from other religions hereby known as "outsiders" by perfectly citing the scriptures in an attempt to circumvent temptations and sin. Instead, they opt to depend on themselves and be self reliant. Unlike other U.S Americans, Amish do not benefit from social security schemes and neither do they do they receive any form of government assistance. Their evasion of violence in all forms locks the Amish out of serving in the forces. Every Amish gathering is served by a bishop, two ministers, and a deacon and all who must be male.

Unlike the normal American values, Amish exercise adult baptism, different from the norm infant baptism. They hold on to the belief that only adults can make knowledgeable decisions regarding their own deliverance and devotion to the church. Before being baptised, Amish teenagers are encouraged to first sample life in the world outside, in a phase known as rumspringa.

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Amish weddings are simply conducted with joyous events that involve the whole Amish society.  Unlike the U.S. American values where most weddings  are conducted on  a Saturday, Amish weddings are customarily in nature and are held on only Tuesdays and Thursdays in late fall,  preceding the ultimate autumn harvest.  Instead of announcing their engagement as is customary in typical American weddings, an Amish couple's engagement is typically kept undisclosed in anticipation of the few weeks before the wedding.

As in life, straightforwardness is significant to the Amish in the afterlife as well. Memorial services are commonly held in the residence of the departed. The funeral services are maintained simple, with no eulogy or flowers unlike the U.S. American where a eulogy as well as flowers are presented. Another remarkable difference is that graves are not marked by the use of tombstone markers but instead a map is preserved by the community ministers to recognize the inhabitants of each and every burial plot.

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Among the Amish, Shunning, or meidung signifies expulsion from the Amish community for going contrary to the divine guidelines which include of getting married outside the faith. In the event that an individual is subjected to imply that they have to be secluded from their family, friends as well as their live. Shunning is only considered as a last resort after an individual has been reprimanded severally without adherence.


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