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The Model Rules address many topics which are found in the State's ethics rules in the United State of America, which was defined by the American Bar Association after the promulgation, the model rules of profession of conduct together with the ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct, these laws govern the conduct of lawyers on basis of disciplinary rules which was entrenched in the constitution decision making process and was used to evaluate the generally acceptance of the legal principles which is the over site authority on the regulation of the members of the legal fraternity in generality according to American Bar Association journal (2010).

The model rules address issues concerning law firm and the associates, and professional independence to lawyers while practicing their profession. From the case study it was evident that ABA model was being abused because it was formulated in order to serve all members of the legal fraternity and the general public by defending liberty and delivering justice as the national representation of the legal profession. Among the goals it tried to achieve was to eliminate biasness while practicing law which was abused by one of the associate who was working lesser hour than his counterpart.

In this particular case he would have sought an advice from the regulatory body from the Statebar association that look at the lawyer conduct, while the law firm have an option of going the State supreme court which interprets the constitution, because the court work closely with the State bar association where it adopts the rules which are applicable to legal ethics (Matzto, 1984 P 91).The applicant should have attained the minimum qualification criteria for him or her to became eligible which could be followed by the application; the application could be preceded with the date, upon which the application was filed, which is then followed by a written explanation on the ground on whether the application was granted or not. The privileges and confidentiality are the basic values of explaining the rules and regulation with each jurisdiction upon which the application is evaluated according to (Podgers 2008).


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