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Workplace DilemmaI always had a passion for accounts. In my high school years, I always performed well in mathematically based units. I promised myself that I would follow that passion and become the banker that I am. However, I did face a professional dilemma that involved a professor in the University of Phoenix where I pursued my undergraduate degree in finance and my postgraduate in management. The dilemma was both professional and ethical least to say coincidental because he also turned to be the financial analyst in the bank am currently working with. The professor's name was Einstein and it was in the wild high school years just after turning into an adult that I first met him. He was quit young and could pass for one of the students.

Mistakenly I slept with him. On joining the university, I was caught by surprise to find he was a professor in one of my cores. To make a difficult situation even worse, Einstein went ahead to ask me out. The idea of dating my lecturer was totally out of question, it was unprofessional on his part and a violation of my personal ethics. The situation became more awkward since he kept on insisting and yet he did so in front of my course mates, it raised a lot of eyebrows that the administration summoned us. We were breaking one of the institution rules. This event affected my studies and my grades begun plummeting. I had personally decided to remain superficially cordial despite my feelings for him.

After my campus education, I applied for a job with one of the leading financial institutions, the Gold Bank. I worked with the bank for a while, then one day, I bumped into Einstein. As I later came to learn, he was the bank's financial advisor and analyst, he was my boss. The coincident was highly uncomfortable for me. I personally had feelings for him but he would neither give up nor take no for an answer. In my school years my dilemma was ethical, I would never date my teacher, in my workplace the dilemma was there was no way I would ever date my boss and even if I wanted, it would definitely affect our work. I could not stop wishing that that night in high school could have turned out differently (Henry, 1993).


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