Free «Prima Facie Obligation» Essay Sample

To begin with, a prima facie obligation can be described as an act of keeping promises, or an act of influencing equal allocation of goods, or giving back the services provided. In other words, prima facie obligations are basically acts concerned with upholding the good of other people as well as supporting the agent’s qualities. However, these prima facie obligations are found in the common sense ethical theory which was developed by Ross, a philosopher of the 20th century.

In this case, these prima facie obligations include self improvement which is involved with development of one’s own excellence. The other one is justice which is concerned with allocation of profits as well duties moderately. On the other hand, non-injury is another prima facie duty which requires a concerned individual to avoid any acts that may cause harm to other people either physically or mentally. In the same line of thought, loyalty is also another prima facie obligation that requires the individuals concerned to keep promises and to avoid any deceitful actions. In connection to this, veracity is also a responsibility which requires one to protect other people from any harm that is not from him/her. Besides this, reparation is a duty among the prima facie compulsions which entails compensation of damages caused to others. Apart from this, beneficence is another obligation which involves activities of helping others. Finally, appreciation is a duty that requires one to be grateful for any assistance received from other people. However, a person with a decent upbringing can easily indentify which moral law to apply where and when.

Notably, most of these prima facie obligations are very useful in a business set up. This is because when they are applied in the day to day activities of the business they will create a favorable working environment. Following this, a prima facie obligation like justice can be of great help especially to managers. The reason for this is that managers in any company are required to treat all employees and customers fairly concerning the allocation of duties and offering of services respectively. In fact, if this attribute is put in to practice misunderstandings between members of staff will be highly reduced and the company will be in a position of yielding good results. Needless to say, the justice virtue can really contribute so much to the development of a company because qualified staff members will be employed.

Apart from this, beneficence obligation is also of great importance in a business environment. Actually, it is through beneficence that most managers can be able to tap in the potential of the employees. This is because human beings are in a position to give their best in form of services when they are treated well especially by their senior supervisors. Essentially, all the people need in order to give their best is someone who is concerned about their lives; be it socially, psychologically or physically.

On the other hand, if managers and workers in any company learn to keep promises and agreements then the level of quarrels and corruption at the workplace will be reduced. Apart from this, a company can also create good relationships among different companies. This is because trust will be build between them due to their faithfulness in delivering services.

Finally, reparation can be a very vital moral tool in the corporate world. This is because it creates room for reconciliation whereby an individual can rectify a wrongful act done to another person. Above and beyond, when one makes up for any injuries made to others then it shows a sense of responsibility in the sense that one can own up his/her mistakes and is ready to correct them. In such a case employers and employees will be in a position to work in harmony. From a broader perspective, it can therefore be said that application of prima facie obligations in a business environment will be of great importance.


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