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Integrity and respect, moral and decency, value and principles stands for ethics. Hence, ethics plays vital role in personality and exposes oneself. Perfect personality, lively lifestyle and prosperous professionalism are impossible without ethics. Moreover, ethics is about humanity and humanity is fundamental to have success in life. It applies to every single happenings and activity personally as well as collectively.

What is the distinction between a terrorist and a freedom fighter?

There is a diverse distinction between terrorist and freedom fighter. A terrorist by no means possess ethics and fight for the sake of fight just for personal interest and terror agenda. On the other hand a freedom fighter has integrity, respect, value and principles to fight for. Moreover, a freedom fighter fights on principles to protect his integrity, respect and values. 

What is the classic notion of a just war and under what circumstances might this definition be changed in response to new challenges?

Just war is only a classic notion and not applicable in the current circumstances. This definition has to be changed in response to new challenges. It is old trend of early civilizations when world wars had been fought right with the concept of just war. Now the ground realities has been changed the world has become more responsive and more synchronized. There are new challenges in front of just war notion which could be exemplified with the war against terrorist after 9/11 which spread its wings to more than one continent, but, achieved no result so far. Nevertheless, it has created more complications for the world economically as well as socially (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2005).
What are the central tenants of the deep ecology movement?



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The philosophy of deep ecology is newly introduced to the world. The core concept is, like humankind, the whole living organism and natural environment has same right to live and flourish. Commonly thinking the concept has very well-built philosophy as well as reality in it. It is fact that every creature and nature has equal right to benefit and flourish in the universe. Moreover, live and let live, give and get respect are the central tenants of deep ecology movement.  

Do animals have rights? Why or why not?

It is every creature’s right to live with same rights in same environment and flourish. Moreover, animals have soul, therefore, it is essential to take care of them and protect them as we protect humankind. It is actual humanity to take care of environment and living organisms around us. In addition, as crown of creature, therefore, it is our responsibility to protect the surroundings and respect the rights of every creature even animals (Cochrane, 2007).    


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