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Deceitfulness is never considered to be a positive feature. A lie begets a lie. As a result, a person can get tangled into a web of lies. Lie destroys trust. In other terms, it damages relationships. Lie will never save you in the long run. If one of spouses lies, their marriage can broke up.

A person may start lying to a spouse with pious hope. For example, a man wants to make his woman a gift. He gets a loan for this purpose. Bill becomes due and his wife gets a letter from the bank. As a result, she fixes a lie. If the spouses trust each other, the cases of white lies will never grow into a problem of great concern.

Sometimes spouses cheat each other, but stay together for various reasons. The biggest problem of these two persons is that they are beginning to accept a lie as the truth. They are constantly arguing while accumulating resentment and anger. Family enters into a kind of contract. Wife must believe in husband’s lie and then he will believe in hers. The concept of trust is unfamiliar to these people. Children of such parents become rebellious teenagers. Their subconscious desire is to show the mendacity and hypocrisy they see at home. This causes no surprise as children echo parents’ manner.

Lying is unacceptable in relationships and especially in marriage. It can either break up a marriage or poison the whole life of both partners and even their children. Moreover, person can easily fall into the habit of lying in course of time. The habit may result in addiction. Lying makes the bad situation even worse. Beloved people will get hurt due to person’s lying and its consequences. Moreover, sooner or later all secrets will be unrevealed. As a result, the trust and respect of people will be lost.


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