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During 16 centuries in Christendom the Jewish groups of people kept to own strict moral code, order, and security for achieving its internal peace and stability. People possessed very pure knowledge of moral codes. Later moral code changed in history and environment. Economic history divided into three levels: hunting, agriculture, history, when a man had an ability to fight and kill, struggling for its own existence.

A man understood its own purpose in life in the transitive period of the Neolithic Age. He married, had a family with children, cultivated a land, and went hunting. Durant W., & Durant A., (1968) pointed that “Paternal authority prevailed as well as it had strong economic base”. For 15 hundreds years monogamy dominated in Christian Europe and its white colonies.

People left their home, family, power and union for individual work in factories, when the Industrial Revolution replaced the economic form and moral code in Europeans and Americans. Along with economic development came emancipation and industrialization. Former agricultural moral code started to stop living, when morality lost more of its extraordinary assistance.

During the Peloponnesian War the moral code of their ancestors was disregarded by its people in Rome. Homosexualism as a kind of scholarly affection existed in ancient Rome, Italy and Greece. Prostitution was permanent and universal occurrence, described immorality enough in Restoration period in England. All women’s pleasures were known even in 1749 year. Men weren’t following to the Ten Commandments a well as doing the crimes, follies, killing of people even in the times of Augustus and Socrates representing immoral principles of mankind. People performed a great variety of sins: adultery, divorce, murder, suicide, gambling, abortions, etc.

But time has changed humanity. People became generous, honorable and charitable, helping each other in different situations. People’s moral freedom started stabilizing, and it’s good!


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