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Free «Anxiety Disorder» Essay Sample

#1 Question

Tradition influences individual health behavior, and so are the responses of every person towards health promotion and health education. Health professionals must develop a positive approach towards changing the traditional health practices. The lack of understanding regarding pre-natal care can be solved through proper health education. The costs and benefits, and the what-ifs of availing or not availing health care should be given emphasis in disseminating health information.

Regarding funds, asking for assistance from the government will be the first option. The duty of the government is to promote public welfare through supporting health programs and other undertakings. Nongovernmental organizations may be an alternative. As long as there is determination on the side of the health workers, tradition won't be a barrier towards promoting health care.

#2 Question

a. Anxiety can be useful and can be disruptive. Problems arise with too little or too much anxiety. Anxiety may help a person cope with a difficult situation. In some cases, anxiety can be nuisance to the individuals functioning.



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b. Anxiety may impede one's ability to think or to act accordingly in a given circumstance. Being aware and being able to define the causes of anxiety creates a difference. Understanding its effects aids a person in developing control and preemptive responses in times where anxiety becomes disruptive.

c. Medication may not totally cure anxiety disorders, but it greatly helps the person gain control. The mental state is influenced by the brain's different processes. By taking medicine, the production of substances and hormones will be kept at a prescribed level and thus reducing the tendencies of panic attacks and other disruptions.

d. Anxiety disorders may be a result of genetic, social, environmental and psychological factors. For every case, the source may not be directly pointed out. The symptoms are varied; different approaches are developed for the diagnosis and treatment for every patient.

e. With managed care models, the patient acquires less guidance from a health professional. Therefore, it is the duty of the family to keep up with the medication at home. People must develop an understanding of the patient's condition. Full attention to what needs to be treated should be given so as not to worsen the situation.


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