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Free «Eating Disorders» Essay Sample

Eating disorder according to National Eating Disorder Association, (2005), is "...extreme emotions, attitudes, and behavior surrounding weight and food issues." Eating disorder poses great mental and physical stability threats for both male and female. The commonest eating disorders are bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa. The main difference between the two types of eating disorders is the amount of food intake. A person suffering from anorexic engages in eating disorder that leads to underweight because of starvation. On the other hand, bulimia nervosa involves consumption of excess food within shortest time then getting rid of food taken mainly via over-exercising and imposed vomiting.

Anorexic nervosa lead to loss of menstrual flow among females for at least three months due to other factors other than the usual cessation of menstruation. Anorexic eating disorder does not make a person to binge or purge more often; but at times, they may occur. On the other hand, bulimia disorder makes one to binge and purge at regular intervals. According to MobileReference (2007), "...those with bulimia nervosa feel more shame the problem, and soon after discharge the symptoms would often reappear as severe, if not worse, than they had originally been."

Other symptoms of bulimia nervosa include uncontrolled binging when one takes meals to the extent that uncontrolled stomach fullness. Bulimia also leads to urge of maintaining a desired physical heaviness and size, which, one achieves via constant dieting. Contrarily, anorexic disorder results from immense desire for weight loss even if the change in body weight is dramatic. The mental status of an individual who wants to is to maintain a slim body posture, which most females aspiring to be models want to maintain. Modeling is taking toll of female minds and this is the main reason why 95% of those who experience eating disorders are mainly females.


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