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Free «Health Care in the US» Essay Sample

The issue of technology is the best thing that has ever happened to human kind. Looking at the place where we are now due to technology, we can only smile and hope that more inventions will be identified to continue making man's life more comfortable and efficient. Despite the advantages that technology has brought, we can not assume the negative impacts that have resulted from it. All in all the advantages of it surpasses its disadvantages. Some of he items that have helped transform our homes include computers, Smartphone's and big TV screens and most importantly are the new gadgets that are coming into our health sectors (Snider 2011). It is undisputable that the role that has been played by cell phones in our health centers has brought significant improvement on patients' conditions. Those institutions that have benefitted greatly from this type of technology are the veterans, says the author.

The technology that is currently employed in the hospitals has improved patients lives significantly. For instance, according to US army colonel Ron Poropatich, diabetes patients have shown recommendable improvements after viewing videos that have been sent to them. The author of this article, snider Mike says that, the colonel presumes that those veterans who had the opportunity to send text messages to their loved ones back at home tend to be very keen on their treatment routines and their connection to those attending to them (Snider 2011).


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According to Snider (2011), to prove the proficiency of the role the technology has played, a number of military testing trials in treatment have been conducted to find out how online apps and cellphones can be used in treatment and curtailing illnesses. There is a foreshadowing by Poropatich on cases where patients are provided with an opportunity of tracking and keeping an eye on their blood pressures through the application of devices such as computers and cellophones.

From this article and the findings that follow it, it is clear that continuous innovation on technology will be an important part of man's life. The same technology and an improvement on the same will see a lot of time and costs saved and reduced since patients can still be in contact with their caregivers without necessarily visiting them (Snider 2011). For instance, Poropatich says that he is able to save a lot by just connecting his blackberry into the website to see how his parents are faring on. With all this and the numerous medical and health advances that were displayed at CES, it is true that technology with time will be the core reliance in medicine.


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