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When a person eats too much of carbohydrate foods, his body has to release insulin that help to neutralize the sugar in the blood stream. However, in the absence of carbohydrate food the already stored fat in the body of an individual is utilized and it helps in reduction of weight. For this reason, low carbohydrate diets are also called ketogenic diets-they are diets that favor fat burning. This concludes that low carbohydrate food is ideal for weight reduction as it helps to break down the excess fat deposited.

On comparing the two types of food, one has to accept the undesirable implications of gaining weight and health problems in both. Yet, the food habit of people belonging to a particular region has to be considered before prescribing food that is better for a particular group of individuals. South Indians, for example are dependent on carbohydrates, and their main food is dependent on rice. Whereas, the Americans consume more of cookies, cakes, cheese, ice cream, potato chips, and hot dogs that are fatty in nature. So, the influence of food on the cholesterol level can be noted in accordance to the type of food that is consumed. Fatty foods increase the risk of heart attacks as they aid in deposition of fats in the arteries and block the normal flow of blood to the vital organs.

Low carbohydrate food is preferred among dieters as they have a number of additional health benefits like improved kidney and liver function, improved ratio of LDL to HDL cholesterol, low risk of heart disease, improved blood circulation, better blood pressure, decreased risk of digestive disorders, stomach ulcers, and finally less risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Also a low carbohydrate diet is an excellent way to reset metabolism and revitalize one's body chemistry.Avoiding foods that have high fat content such as oils, meat, meat products will cause increased fat deposition, to induce overweight. Our ancestors were not obese and they survived on both meat and fruits that were available in the jungles. However, the present generation has an epidemic of diabetes obesity, and heart diseases as they are getting lured and crave for fatty foods like the cookies and ice-creams.

Other metabolic function that is influenced by carbohydrate food includes the brain function, and proper functioning of the heart, that needs glucose that is derived from the carbohydrate food. This ensures proper functioning of brain, and general good health. Yet, excess in take of the same might lead to weight gain. This happens as excess carbohydrate food is converted to glycogen in muscles and liver, and after saturation they get converted to fat deposits that are detrimental in maintaining the ideal body weight. Being overweight or obese is certainly not healthy. However, if one wants to loose weight, then one has to handle it with intelligence, and proper diet. Begin by implementing healthy eating habits, and proper physical exercise, that might ensure a good health, and ideal body weight.


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