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Internet has been very vital in the marketing of healthcare in many medical organizations across the globe. Its use makes communication effective because it reaches to large number of people. Electronic medical records as the specific mode of providing necessary information for marketing, is also used in the healthcare industry (Tyrrell, 2002). The impact this mode has created is felt across the medical fraternity as well as the patients. Its major use is in the provision of patient confidentiality, efficiency, media and social networking and marketing of healthcare products and services.There is great importance in improving medical records in the health care industry. Electronic medical records will enable the hospital environment to remain organized with conveniently accessible records that help in increasing the efficiency in service production which is critical in this industry. There are some challenges that face implementation processes and improving health care information technology. There is need to ensure that you will have records that are comprehensive and reliable, they should meet all the required standards of transactions between patients and the service providers.

Medical errors and incompetence still continue in the healthcare industry due to the slow implementation procedure of electronic and information technology. Making reforms in the health care industry is an important consideration; there should be medical records that are constantly updated and easily accessible by proper authorities (Tyrrell, 2002). This communication mode needs to implement measures of protecting patient confidentiality and other patient doctor communication models.Communication in the health care industry is very important with its one of the main purpose being to save lives. The technical revolution has made great improvement in the communication industry. There is great potential in use of internet in this industry, with the digital media constantly becoming part of our daily lives we have to put this technology into good use.Electronic medical technology has been able to assist in improving data maintenance, especially in medical related records. This particular method has contributed to the ease of maintaining a data base that has reasonable and useful material (Eder, 2000). The service providers can be able to share and use medical records; this is a mileage in the health care industry and a benefit to all patients. Patients' lives can be saved more efficiently since the practitioners can be able to share opinions, get timely and personalized information, and get updates on developments. This will help the service providers to make faster and more informed decisions which will benefit the patients.

With modern technologies, there is continued increase of cross functional teams working together due to different professional levels. Thus patient information has to be shared to handle some cases which leave a big doubt on patient privacy controls (Tyrrell, 2002). It is usually the responsibility of the hospital or healthcare facility to protect the patient's privacy. Divulging patient information on the net through electronic medical records can have diverse effects. These records usually have personal information and medical history which can lead to harm like identity theft or cyber crime which can dent the patient's privacy.Electronic medical records have had a huge impact to consumers and service providers. The hospital environment and records remains very organized with ease of access to critical medical records. This has contributed to having contemporary, timely and accurate medical records that help in bridging the information gap that is usually there. This digital records provide ease of constantly updating medical records, the storage enables them to be accessible by proper authorities in cases of emergencies or when needed. Maintaining a paperless office will ensure prevention of information barriers and meet responsibilities of saving lives and improving efficiency.With increased infiltration of electronic media and other related benefits, it will be of great achievement in maintaining a fast, reliable and efficient information system. The main purpose of electronic medical records is to create patient medical information bank, which will be accessible by the medical service providers (Eder, 2000). There is need for having collaboration in the health care industry. With the inequities facing the health care industry, this mode of communication will ensure that all processes are harmonized and information is shared. Consolidation of healthcare information is important in ensuring that the sector continues to save lives.

There is great potential in media and social networking if it is put into proper use in the health care industry. Patients can use social media to share their health related experiences, the institutional barriers will be broken and patients can enjoy benefits like mutual support, recommendations and accessing health care information. Social networking can promote medical partnership by providing a platform for the doctors and other professionals to come together and discuss various ways for improving medical services (Armoni, 2002). There will be improved collaboration between patients and the medical industry. The communication process will be improved and medical reporting can achieve greater impact through health blogs and other social networks.Electronic medical records can be used to market health care products and services very efficiently. The success stories and methods of treatments used for various patients can be accessible and hence leading to numerous recommendations. The records can also be used to update developments for various cases that will lead to creating awareness and demand for the related products and services.Changing from paper to electronic medical records is a very taxing, complicated and costly process, but in the long run assists in gaining a paperless environment required for great hospital standards (Eder, 2000). The need for communication between the medical provider and other cross functional system is important in all matters relating to human lives. The support functions also need to have access to fast and efficient information. Efficiency in the health industry will improve due to the ease of accessing healthcare information. This will lead to reduction of the common problems like medical related errors and poor health conditions due to lack of proper medical technologies.


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