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Advanced nursing practice is a general term that describes the advanced level in clinical nursing practices and maximises the use of preparation of graduate education. It calls for in depth nursing knowledge where experts meet the health needs of groups, families, individuals, communities and population in general (Walshe & Smith, 2006). Therefore, it calls for synthesized, analysed and interpreted knowledge where theories and research development are discussed as a whole. The process is voluntary, linear and concise.

The society’s heath care needs are changing day by day due to rising expenditure, shortage of professionalism, increase in aging population, introduction of new technologies, and difficulty in accessing proper healthcare. Due to these reasons, there is a need for collaborative and innovative practice in clinical profession to ensure well-maintained healthcare services and stronger workforce (Healthcare policy, 2005).

When the policies regarding certain medical practices are not vetted, nurses and clinical officers fail to meet the minimum healthcare qualities required for any society. In addition, this reduces the impact of nursing knowledge as well as the advancement of nursing profession to contribute to a sustainable healthcare system. These effects appear to be the unintended consequences of unanalysed policies in the field of healthcare management. Therefore, the government has to appoint a professional in healthcare management to run and make policies on Medicaid and Medicare programs in order to keep them in line with the current health requirements (Kotlikoff, 2007).

In conclusion, due to poor health policies, the society has low access to proper healthcare services. Thus, disparities in health become great to the extent of causing negative diversity in health issues. To reduce the extent of these externalities, the government should engage in health promotion activities such as illness prevention mechanisms. This involves providing preventive healthcare services to all public hospitals and health education to all citizens.


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