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Free «Health Care Delivery Systems» Essay Sample

A health care delivery system refers to the organization of individuals, establishments and resources that provide health care services to the population. It aims at preventing, treating and managing ailments as well as retention of psychological and physical well-being through providing professional medical care services. About 70% of the world’s population suffer from impoverishment and various diseases. Therefore, it becomes indispensable to create health systems according to the type and severity of an ailment. There are numerous health care delivery systems that vary depending on the geographical surroundings of an area and policies governing a region. Health care delivery systems can be classified into three categories: sickness awareness and prevention, diagnostic and treatment care, and rehabilitation.

Disease awareness and prevention refer to a treatment unit that emphasizes on the need to safeguard people from possible infection. This health delivery system educates individuals on various causes of diseases, while, at the same time, giving tips on how to avoid infection in the best possible way. Diagnostic and treatment delivery system, on the other hand, advantages patients who are attempting to get over various diseases or injuries. The patients have the advantage of receiving the best critical care together with general care, which aid fast recovery. Finally, the rehabilitation care unit is for the patients attempting to get rid of unhealthy lifestyles that they have shaped over the years. The patients who need to get over varied traumas also benefit from these establishments. Within the rehabilitation center, a patient goes through an indepth program that aims at getting rid of his or her addiction or trauma. The three systems aim at making certain that health issues should be put on the first place in the society. The given systems sometimes work together to strengthen the nation’s medical care system.



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The three health care delivery systems have several similarities. The first resemblance in all of them is that they require highly specialized personnel in order to function effectively. The well-being of a person is extremely valuable; thus, there is a need of highly skilled medical service givers that are able to offer various medical services. The second similarity is the main goal of the three systems, which is to eradicate illnesses. This is the main objective of each health care delivery system. The third similarity exists between the diagnostic and treatment system and rehabilitation system. Both diagnostic and rehabilitation systems deal with sick individuals and solve post infectious issues.

As much as the health systems are alike, they vary in several ways. One difference is that prevention and awareness system in most cases deals with pre-infection cases. The other two systems aim at solving problems of already infected folks. Another difference is that diagnostic system deals with checking and analyzing the condition of a patient. Thereafter, it refers the patients to the department, where they will receive treatment, or to the rehabilitation center. The other two systems in most cases do not conduct tests on individuals or do it exceedingly rarely.

Managing the disease is an essential goal of the service delivery systems. A good health system should be able to identify the most prevailing ailments in a community or region, as well as the causes of the health problem. A health practitioner later uses the report within the system to come up with good solutions to the illness. A system report identifies a remedy and eases the acquisition of medical equipments and medicine as there is a lead into the most salient conditions that require exceptional attention. A good health care system keeps ailments at a manageable level because of the planning and division of roles involved in creating an effective health delivery system. Specialization of activities enables better management of diseases, because the nurses and doctors are handling exact problems mastering the treatments in their area of concentration. According to Yih (2011), information available on preventing and treating diseases reduces unnecessary costs of managing sickness, while, at the same time, cures the ailments.

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Health awareness and prevention philosophy is among the most effective in the fight against ailments because it covers a range of activities that facilitate this fight. An adequate awareness of diseases influences both the personal and professional life of the individual (Niles, 2010). Awareness not only assists individuals in avoiding sicknesses, but also reduces social stigma associated with some ailments. Some communities consider ailments, particularly mental ailments and sexually transmitted diseases, as God’s punishment. Thus, this makes it difficult for such patients to access treatment. At times, the relatives of sick people, who suffer from mental and sexually transmitted diseases, hide them in order to avoid embarrassment. Awareness campaign programs have reduced social stigma in the last couple of years.

Health and fitness should be a core of the society, and it is crucial to make sure that the most effective medical practices are put in place. This will enable health practitioners offer more advanced services to the patients, while, at the same time, exercising a legal duty of skill and care. Having well designed health care delivery systems will make this possible. There should be a sense of responsibility amongst the doctors that will make them perform better in the fight against diseases.

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My mission statement is “Providing exemplary physical, emotional and mental treatment and continued support to those who need aid from the community”. It emphasizes on the need to have an all round healthy human being. The well-being of an individual is not only limited to the physical fitness but also to the mind and emotions. To eradicate diseases, high quality health systems must be put in place, and my mission statement insists on it. The reason why I chose this statement is because it emphasizes importance of delivery of excellent medical care to all people. The statement also urges the community to assist the poor who cannot afford an appropriate treatment. This will ensure that health care services are affordable to everyone.

In conclusion, health care delivery systems do not only serve as a guide for medical care givers but also benefit the society at large. A well designed medical care system will go a long way to eradicating and preventing all forms of ailments. For this reason, it is necessary for each and every nation, organization or institution to create an excellent health care administration system.


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