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Free «HIV and Public Health» Essay Sample

Public Health is usually distinguished from medicine in that it is concerned with populations rather than individuals. Privacy has constantly been identified in a number of cases as the main value of the bill of rights. The court in New Jersey State expounded on Griswold v. Connecticut, the independent rights policy derived from the confluence of several provisions of the bill of rights to strike down a governmental restraint. The court’s approach ensured that privacy policy encompasses two different but related aspects. First is the ability for an individual to how much of information about them to reveal to others secondly the freedom of an individual to perform or not to perform acts or subject themselves to certain experiences (Coughlin, 1996).

The statute has rules governing the disclosure of such information by health professionals. Rules such as the HIPAA privacy rule provides a series of administrative physical and technical safeguard for covered individual to ensure confidentiality integrity and availability of electronic protected health information. The rule provides protection for personal health information held by entities thus patients get a range of rights in relation to that information. If permitted to disclose such in formation public health professionals need to obtain permission from the individual outright or under emergency circumstances where the information may ac t for the best of interest of the individual based on the professional’s judgment or if the information is to serve public interest. These requirements don’t interfere with controlling HIV Infection in New Jersey, none the less they help in moderating its spread (Coughlin, 1996).


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In conclusion HIPAA is crucial in solving certain public health related issues. This is because some information carries possibilities of resulting to harm such as loss of health insurance or unemployment or probably psychological distress and social stigmatization. Precautions should be taken by public health professionals doing research or studies on HIV such as warning participants on the risks of the researcher not guarding particular information.


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