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Free «Homework Assignments» Essay Sample

I. Depict five exercises that can be employed to escalate the ROM for dorsiflexion of the Ankle

Gastrocnemius stretching exercises are used as part of treating patients that have overuse injuries, which are caused by partial ankle dorsiflexion. Actually, ROM, with positioning the subtalar joint in supination/pronation, can be escalated by Gastrocnemius stretching exercises. Similarly, in view of the fact that ROM (reduced ankle dorsiflexion range of motion) is regarded as an indication of a major injury that is capable of affecting gait functioning, Thera band exercises are efficient in treating severe ankle sprains. Furthermore, resisted and active exercises are also useful to treat severe grade I ankle sprains. Lastly, a patient can also employ iso-zercher squat, prostretch rocker board-on-vibration, and foam rolling exercises to escalate the ROM (Pittala, & Messier, 1988).

II. Depict five resistance methods that can be employed in strengthening the Hamstrings

Leg curl refers to a method of isolation that only works with the hamstring.

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Often, leg curl is done while lying horizontal or being seated on a particular leg-extension machine. Also, in quadriceps strengthening contractions method, someone sits on a chair with his/legs together and then extends them straight-out. In bent-leg raises method, someone sits on a chair and strengthens his/her legs in frontage of his/her body. Ideally, in squats method, someone commences with his/her shoulder-feet width being apart and slightly bending his/her knees. Nonetheless, in hamstring curls method, someone ought to lie on his/her stomach with his/her left-foot on his/her right-ankle. Finally, in the wall sit method, someone has to stand with his/her back being against the wall and his/her feet being in frontage of the wall.

III.Depict five exercises that can be employed to get better the Hip Joint proprioception

Someone can employ tandem stance balance whereby he/she stands on a surface level with one foot being in front and arms being raised with his/her eyes wide open for about thirty seconds.

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Also, stork stance can be done by someone whereby he/she stands still on the floor while closing his/her eyes. To do this, he/she needs a stability trainer, who can also provide the following static balance exercises: hip adduction; calf-raises; lunges; hip abduction; hip extension; hip flexion; and mini-squats. In this exercises, someone can use one-foot the moment he/she masters the activity involving both feet. Nonetheless, someone can employ a balance-for-a wobble board to improve his/her Hip Joint proprioception. Finally, a weighted ball (e.g. medicine ball) can be employed to escalate the intricacy of static-balance activities (Pittala, & Messier, 1988).

IV.List five reasons why a patient should stand on a bosu-ball on one-leg

The reasons why a patient should stand on a bosu-ball on one leg are:; the balls are useful in toning as well as strengthening all body muscles; if a bosu-ball is employed, it requires balance, which in turn needs mental concentration. To that effect, both the mind and the body are being exercised; manifold exercises can be provided by a bosu-ball to a patient, such as, strengthening his/her beg, abs, or back; the bosu-ball exercise is of low stress, i.e. it is lighter, specifically on a patient's bones or joints; and a patient will be provided with a substantial number of manifold exercises with merely a single piece of equipment that is light. Thus, by carrying out this bosu-ball exercise, a patient can improve his/her stability because his/her body muscles will have been strengthened.

V. Depict five exercises that can be employed to get better the shoulder-stabilizing muscles

Firstly, we can use Rotator-cuff exercises, which can be through: isometric internal/external rotation; internal/external rotation by use of Dumbbell; internal/external rotation by use of resistance band; lateral raise by use of Dumbbell; or internal rotation with lateral raise by use of Dumbbell.

Secondly, we can employ shoulder-blade/scapular stabilizing exercises, such as: shoulder roll; shoulder-blade squeeze; wall push-up; press; row by use of resistance band; and back-of-shoulders. Also, we can employ biceps exercise, particularly through curls. Then, we can use shoulder broadening exercises, such as: pendulum swings; rotator-cuff stretch I; rotator-cuff stretch II; overhead stretch; and wind-limb. And finally, we can employ upper-back, neck, or shoulder stretches, which encompasses the following: chest stretch; upper-back stretch; shoulder stretch; shoulder roll; and neck stretch.


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