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Free «Safer sex: use of condoms for STD prevention» Essay Sample


Safe sex refers means engaging in sexual intercourse with all measures that protect against transmission of sexually transmitted disease taken. In this respect sexually transmitted diseases include HIV/AIDS, Chlamydia, hepatitis, genital warts Herpes, Gonorrhoea and syphilis among others (Lehman, 2000). The term "safer sex" is used because it takes into consideration that these measures do not eliminate the probability of contracting STDS during sex. These measures became active after the advent of HIV/AIDS in the 1980 in order to check its spread.

Today education on safer sex has been incorporated into almost every education level however the spread of HIV aids is still rife in schools especially at college and university level. There are several factors that encourage the spread of STDS in these institutions.

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These are; peer pressure, drug abuse, excessive drinking and immaturity (Lehman, 2000). These factors such as drug abuse and excessive alcohol drinking have led students into having sex with several partners within a short period of time. It is important to note that majority of these students are aware of the risks that they are exposed to by engaging in unprotected sex. I t should be noted that were these students not under the influence of drugs then perhaps they would not have engaged in unprotected sex. At this stage of life students are sexually active and it may be very difficult for them to abstain from sex. The centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American College health Association estimate that one in 500 college students are affected with the Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) (Van Dyk, 2008).

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With time HIV develops into AIDS. Therefore it is important to protect the rest of the student population from contracting these diseases.


There is no single method that can effective prevent the spread of STDs on its own therefore it is important to employ various strategies to prevent the spread of STDs. One of these method is the use of Condoms. Condoms have several advantages of controlling the spread Of STDs. First, condoms can prevent the spread of STD as well as pregnancy. Second condoms are cheap and readily available. There are various types of condoms available. However, the most popular are the male and female condoms (Van Dyk, 2008). Condoms are made of polyurethane or latex. Latex condoms are the most reliable and are readily available.  Most of the condos are lubricated while others are not. The lubricants used include; water based, oil based, or silicone lubricants. The latex condoms are only used with water based lubricants (Van Dyk, 2008).  The purpose of lubrication is to increase comfort and reduce chances of breakages.  Condoms have a receiver for sperms and come with different sizes according to the manufacturer.

Most students use condoms but they do not know the procedure of using them effectively (Lehman, 2000). Condoms should not be used twice and should be discarded after sex. The male condom should be put on while the penis is erect (Van Dyk, 2008). This should precede any contact of the penis with the partner's body. One should open the condom packet carefully; use of teeth may tear the condom. Before rolling up the condom on the erect penis any air present at the reservoir should be squeezed out (Van Dyk, 2008).

If the condom breaks during intercourse then one should withdraw from sex, wipe the penis and wear another condom. After sex the condom should be held by the base before withdrawing the penis. If this procedure is followed carefully then the risk of contracting STDs is reduced.



The effective use of condoms is the most appropriate methods of preventing the spread of STD. However, as stated earlier this method on its own cannot eliminate the spread of STD. Therefore a number of strategies should be employed to stop the spread of STDs.


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