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As nursing and healthcare progresses year after a year, it is being shaped by a number of factors. The nature or state of nursing and healthcare we are experiencing today will not be the same some years to come. Factors that are shaping nursing and healthcare include technology, population, wealth, climate, among other things. In 2060, there is possibility of having a greater number of people suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer due to the exposure of dangerous technology. As technology advances, we are using so many gadgets that are emitting ultra violet radiation, meaning that we are all at risk of diseases such as skin cancer.

Another thing that is expected by 2060 is that medical advances will lead to progress in diagnosis, therapy and prevention of sickness. In some cases, patients will not need to visit a hospital. All what will be required is to buy a kit and diagnose yourself and visit the next chemist to purchase the required medication. New therapy procedures for some diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease will be developed. It is expected that medical advances will have come up with effective ways to handle viral diseases such HIV. With the current development, HIV will be a thing of the past by then.

There is also a possibility that there will be an electronic gadget that will be used by individual in their homes to diagnose common infections. There will be very few individuals in hospitals as most people would prefer to nurse their sickness at home. Since population will have increased by then, more spending in health and social care is expected. Technology will have taken care of a number of services provided by nurses. However, nurses will play a major role in addressing emotional and psychological problems. There those who would also prefer technology to solve their emotional and psychological problems, but a greater number of individuals is expected to prefer a professional.


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