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This paper contains a summary of the report card about New York Medicare health plan. The report card generated a number of issues related to effectiveness of Medicare health plan in the state of New York. The report card contains information relating to the areas in which the New York Medicare health plan works. The report card contains information such as the cities of operations, residential of operation and the zip codes of the areas within which the health plan in question is operational.

The report card also contains information relating to all other forms of health plans in other states that can be used for comparison purposes. My report card to this effect contain health plan of Florida federal state and California federal state, especially their Medicare health plans. By choosing the two states I intended to compare how effective the three states have been in implementing and ensuring that their Medicare health plan serves their intended purpose (Kaiser, 2010).

After creating my customized report card on Medicare health plans in my three states under review, I generated some results that acted as an indication of how the Medicare health plan is performing in the three states. Florida State scored the highest marks with 6/10, while my state of New York scored 5/10 and finally, the state of California managed to score 4/10. The State of Florida scored an excellent mark indicating that it Medicare health plan is effective in meeting its creation goals.

I am currently covered under Medicaid health plan. In comparison with other health plans available I would give it a rating of 5/10. I would give my health cover this rating because it has not been effective in meeting my health care needs when they arise unlike other individuals who are covered with Medicare health plan. When it comes to payment of health bills the cover does not cater for them on time bringing a lot of inconveniences on my part as a beneficiary.


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