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Free «Physical Fitness» Essay Sample

The most important thing one can do for his/her health is to engage in physical activities. Most people are afraid of engaging in it due to such factors as the phobia to get hurt, unknown to them. There are moderate ways, like typically taking a stroll which would boost a person’s physical activity. The main reasons why people engage in physical activities are many and vary depending on the personality. However, the main reasons are: to improve a person’s ability to perform daily activities even in the old age, to reduce the risks of diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer have been attributed with lack of exercise. Exercise is also vital to eliminate the risks posed by metabolic syndrome disease which shortens the life span.

Physical exercises have contributed greatly at improving a person’s mental health and chances of living longer are not doubtful. Physical activities also make a great contribution by ensuring that one’s bones and muscles are strengthened. In the 21st century, the main reasons for physical fitness are purely to keep fit and to control weight. One is said to gain weight when the calories burnt are less than the calories that one ate. Research has showed that the benefits of physical activities will, by far, outweigh the risks posed by health conditions. Physical fitness has lately been professionalized, whereby it is conducted by qualified and competent staff. This is because of its sensitive nature, since it would have adverse health problems, if not handled with care. The procedure of engaging in the process is also unique and experts have recommended that it should be gradual. One should begin slowly and gradually increasing the level of activity. This is to ensure that the risk of vigorous intensity of aerobic activity is eliminated. There are some diseases, such as diabetes which limit the kind of activities that one should engage in. If so, to avoid a disaster one should ask for advice from the medical specialists.


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