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Free «Human Diseases» Essay Sample

(A nurse opens the door in a hurry and with anxiety talks to the doctor who appears to have no patient).

Nurse: Oh!!! Doctor… I am sorry for coming in like that….but a patient with similar symptoms as those you explained to me earlier wants to see you… I think he has cow-pox.

(Doctor cuts her short.)

Doctor: Go ahead and let him in. We can only know his problem when he explains it to us. Let him in!

(The nurse opens the door. A man walks into the room).

Doctor: Good afternoon! Come in please. How can I help you?

Farmer: Good afternoon doctor, I have fever, headaches, chills, vomiting and numerous boils on my hands. I do not have a good appetite. All these symptoms cause me a lot of discomfort and I also feel itchy. I bought some antibiotics, since this disease is common in our community. I believe I could be suffering from cow-pox because I am a dairy farmer

Doctor: According to the symptoms that you have explained, you seem to be ailing from a disease called cow-pox. Cow-pox is common among dairy farmers as it emanates from the infected udders of a cow. However, the resulting rash can be treated. It dries up and leaves scars. It is crucial to note that the rash does not spread to the other parts of the body.



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Patient: Actually, doctor... that is a possibility, since dairy farming involves milking and contact with udders.

 (The nurse opens the door slowly and peeps in).

Nurse: Excuse me sir, but the health officers you were expecting have arrived.

(The nurse shuts the door and leaves after the doctor gives her a nod).

Doctor: Okay, there could be a possibility that you may not be suffering from cow-pox. The disease has similar symptoms with other diseases such as anthrax. I will have to run some tests to identify the disease. The most vital test is the skin exam. This will help identify if the boils are the result of cow-pox.

(Phone rings and the doctor excuses himself to speak).

In conclusion, cow-pox can be caused by the contact with the infected udders. According to the play, the symptoms the farmer had, made the doctor and the nurse think he suffered from cow-pox.


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