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Free «How Expensive Smoking Is» Essay Sample

Smoking should not be permitted in the public places and being an unhealthy habit, it should be forbidden without hesitations. Smoking as a habit, should therefore be allowed only on private land and property. Numerous reports have been made which connect the smoking of cigarettes with lung diseases, heart diseases, cancer of the mouth, lung and other various ailments. Research conducted has ascertained that thousands of chemical agents which are associated to the development of diseases are contained in one cigarette smoke. Chemical substances contained in smoke of the cigarettes are known as particles or gases. Some of the places where smoking should be prohibited include working places, clubs and pubs. Smoking of cigarettes is expensive because it leads to increased costs arising from treating diseases and ailments caused by smoking

Smoking is an expensive craze for non-smokers because it makes them feel uncomfortable wherever they are subjected to the environment filled with cigarette smoke. Such environment makes them become irritated to the extent of being sickly or even develop allergies and health complications. Pubs are vital places for everybody in societies, they help to communicate and have fun. Pubs have been known to be the meeting place for many locals in many societies. Despite the fact that eating places in some pubs are supposed to be non-smoking zones, smoke has been known to drift in these places. This is not only unfair but also unhealthy for non-smoking people, who want to enjoy themselves. Currently, smoking is very popular in pubs but it should be stopped as quickly as possible.

Smoking, on the other hand, is not all that expensive because the sale of cigarettes provides the state with the much needed taxes to cater for various services. As a result, governments may not be able to get revenue, if there are no smokers and as such, smoking provides governments with revenues through which they can get taxes. In other ways, smoking is cheap as it enables the state to obtain revenue in order to provide other essential services for its citizens. Due to this, smoking is expensive for the smokers but it is cheaper for the state because of the obtained revenues.

Smoking, be it cigarettes, bhang or other forms of drugs is expensive since according to the research, it has been indicated that thousands of heart and lung diseases occur due to passive smoking. Pregnant women who smoke should be forced to stop smoking since by doing so, they force individuals to smoke, as they don’t have any other alternative. Complications have been known to arise in pregnant women who smoke and lots of resources, for instance money, time and personnel are spent in the treatment and rehabilitation of such cases, making the whole process to be expensive. Pregnant women should be discouraged from smoking because in the long run, it ends up being expensive than the money spent on smoking.

Smoking, on the other hand, is not expensive since the money spent on buying cigars is cheaper as compared to the money spent on buying other forms of drugs, for example alcohol or beer. Among all the addictive drugs, cigars are the cheapest and thus the issue that smoking is expensive should never arise at all. For instance, one cigarette costs less than a dollar while one bottle of beer costs more than one dollar. Smoking is therefore not expensive as some people think.

Smoking is a habit that should be discouraged by everyone in order to avoid the unnecessary costs that arise as a result of smoking. A society free from smokers will not only ensure that there is a clean and fresh environment but will also ensure that there is a healthy populace free from diseases and ailments related to smoking. Individuals should thus seek for other means of pleasure, other than smoking because smoking is not only destructive to one’s health but expensive in the long run.


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