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Free «The Importance of Researching Global Health Issues» Essay Sample


World faces various challenges nowadays. In recent years, policy makers and medical experts around the world have expressed their intent attention to growing problems of the Global Health. Mostly all of them agree that it is one of the number one problems, needed to be solved as soon as possible. Today many organizations and governments already coordinate their work in setting goals and working out new principles to overcome the disease challenges in every country throughout the world. This paper is a short summary that explains the necessity of innovations’ encouragement and promotion excellence in Global Health research. The paper divulges the reasons for the Global Health research, control and treatment of diseases around the world. These reasons lead to common understanding of the urgent need in world collaboration and action undertaking for finding solutions to overcome health problems worldwide.

Keywords: collaboration, cooperation, research, healthcare, reasons.

The Importance of Researching Global Health Issue

Nowadays the world society realized the need of deepening the Global Health research and cooperation in mentioned field in order to surmount the barriers to healthy nations. There can be highlighted several reasons why it is important to research the Global Health issues.



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First, disease does not respect any borders. There is no any guarantee that a local disease will not lead to epidemic and will not spread worldwide, as if once it happened with HIV, tuberculosis and other diseases. Everyone’s health depends on health of others.

Second, there is an “ethical dimension of the health and well-being of other people” (Skolnik, 2008, p.4). Millions die every year around the world, but not every country can solve health problems itself, especially poor countries. There is a big gap between developed and developing countries in terms of economy and social level of life. Therefore, biggest part of world population can not effort medical treatment, often even of elementary diseases. Some countries do not have enough number of specialists neither to provide essential healthcare service nor to research of diseases.

The NGO (Non Government Organization) “Families USA” in its “Global health initiative” detects two more, so called, direct and indirect reasons (Global health initiative, n.d.). The direct reasons are reviled in addressing research on concrete disease, that carry a threat to people’s lives. To indirect reasons can attributed those that usually become noticed in the society in several years or even decades.  Health is closely connected with economic and social development. Being sick adults can not take care about their families, finally it leads to raise of poverty and crime, instability in society. Big financial expenses on health care from the side of government influence on country’s economy.  For example, diseases increase poverty, instability in society, influence country’s  economy.

All abovementioned facts confirm the necessity in union of all countries for to develop diagnostic tests, preventive measures, find the ways of treatment. Only such collaboration can help future generations to live without diseases people are facing today. 


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