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Free «Art on the Wall» Essay Sample

The art on the wall is a huge space for creativity. It may be the picture hanging, insurance photography, art packaging, etc. Its possibilities vary from paintings, photography and prints to mirrors and wall sculptures. It always adds attraction to a room.

The art on the wall was known from the ancient times when the rich people of the Rome or Greece decorated their walls and ceilings with different frescos and paintings. It became to be a part of the decoration in the temples and palaces. But long before that there were various paintings on the walls of caves. Recently this art has experienced the stagnancy caused by the appearance of the wallpapers. Nowadays the great tradition of the wall art is on the stage of its rebirth. The architects and designers use it more and more in their projects.

As the other art styles, art on the wall has different types. The most common is a fine art which can be a painting or photography. It can show the personal taste of the owner as well as match the general décor of the room. The other way of wall decoration is a wall art made from fabric. It is the alternative to the previous type and is mostly used as the headboard. This can be solids, stripes, patterns or screen prints. The next option is a sculpture which is usually used for the general room, for example living room or dining room. It allows using as much imagination as it is possible. The decals and stencils can replace each other and suit to the different designs: traditional, children’s furniture, rustic and contemporary style. The last but not the least is a fountain. Its advantage is that it is made of the natural materials as cooper, silver or slate (Carr).

There are different possibilities. The wall art can be made on the outside wall as well as on the inner wall. It can be monotone or colorful. It can combine various types and different materials may be used beginning with the metals to the simple button. The only thing which is needed is the imagination and creativity.


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