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Free «Childhood and Adolescence» Essay Sample

Childhood and adolescence are two important periods of life. Perhaps, every child dreamt about becoming an adult at least once in his/her life. Most likely, many older people want to get back to the very young age. Numerous songs, books, and poems about childhood prove this statement. Each period of life has its advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, the difference between childhood and adolescence is a matter of responsibility. Children rarely think about consequences, because they get enough care from parents and teachers. They usually do what their parents tell them to do. By contrast, adolescents face tough choices, and that is why they become responsible for successful education, the quality of their relationships with other people, etc. Adolescents get ready to adult life. They learn to make independent decisions.

The next point is fear, which is different for children and adolescents. For instance, children can be afraid of parents’ divorce and blame themselves for family conflicts. Nothing is under their control. They live in the world, which does not belong to them. On the contrary, adolescents create their own universe, and they are scared of not being accepted by society or being a failure.


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The last, but not the least, is friendship. Children can argue if they do not get a candy or a toy during a game, but they forgive easily. In the adolescent life, friendship becomes more fragile. Competition makes a bad deal, but one advantage is obvious. Adolescence is the period of making the choice and deciding, who will stay in life and in what role.

It is possible to find more examples but, it should be mentioned, that each period is perfect. Every next stage of life is suitable for learning, personal development, and movement. There is always a chance to get back into the childhood.


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