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Free «Depression in Utah Essay» Essay Sample

Depression in Utah, as presented in the three web links, indicates the extent of depression in this state. According to the study conducted on this subject, depression is like still water that runs deep and dark. Looking at the face of it, most people seem to have perfect lives, but deep in their heart they are depressed. Life has a way of not being perfect in certain instances. According to the research, a large number of people feel depressed in Utah, and these people need help. However, in this area depression is treated as a stigma (Neely). Utah citizens treat depression as a sign of weakness. People believe that if one express signs of depression, then they are not perfect to live.

The secret of Utah is not to show that one is depressed. This is what Dr. John calls toxic perfectionism. Utah is given a post card image of an area that is full of majestic mountains, gleaming cities, and determinedly smiling citizens. However, the true state of affairs in the state is different: depression is widespread and incidences of suicide as a result of the depression people undergo are frequent. Research indicates that Utah is one of the most depressed states in America. At the same time, the state has more residents who are prescribed antidepressant drugs compared to other states. Many citizens experience some form of a depression episode at some point in their lives; others, in turn, experience some steady psychological distress and poor mental health status.

Mass depression in Utah is yet unexplained as the cause is still unknown. Women are usually more affected than men. Depression, as psychiatrists put it, can be due to various factors, like dissatisfaction in life. Such factors can include controlled access to treatment because of cost, deprived quality of resources, and restricted mental health resources. Other factors include the culture that deeply believes in Mormon faith and the underfunded educational system (Jack). According to Dr. John, this is the example of toxic perfectionism: the state faces certain difficulties, but the authorities do not want to accept the problem. A vast amount of people in Utah are Mormon; thus, according to their faith, people believe that they are perfect. This led to heated debates when the research indicated that the state had a high dependency on antidepressants like Zoloft and Prozac.

The Mormon culture dictates that females should accept a calling. Females should always be smiling to their family, despite them being tired from all the many duties to undertake. Women are forced to put a smile which is a mask of perfection, and this is what Dr. John claims to be “toxic perfectionism” (Neely). Females are not allowed to express any agony, depression or tears in their eyes. People are expected to maintain, conform, and be obedient as a sign of harmony in the state.

In conclusion, the culture of perfectionism in Utah affects many people in the area. This culture has made people suffer from depression. Such perfectionism culture is linked to the high depression levels in Utah undoubtedly. The perfectionism aspects in Utah were found to arise due to high need for competency and organization as well as externally and internally imposed standards. Moreover, the people’s perception on religious or spiritual experiences and beliefs led to the culture of perfectionism (Donald). The perfectionism culture makes people develop a protective attitude towards depression. This is indicated on people with a positive perception of spirituality and religion. On the other hand, those with negative self-evaluations and perceptions towards religion and spirituality have a risk of developing depression.


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