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Free «Social Impact of the 2014 FIFA World Cup» Essay Sample

There has been various dynamics in the field of football of the state of Brazil since 1950 when it hosted World cup for the first time. These aspects of changes took a variety of extents.  The 1950’s World Cup however had various participants for whom FIFA had positioned in different fields. However, this was a combined event in isolation with the support of the Confederation Cup which actually took place a year before. Indeed, the Confederation Cup will also be the first event to take place in the state of Brazil before the World Cup. Consequently, this event will herald the positive preparations of the planners of the event as dictated by the International Football Confederation (FIFA) (Boyko 2008).

Effect of the World Cup on the Tourism and the Country’s Economic Performance

The Confederation Cup also lures a minute perception with a characteristic consistency and partial significance. The global influx of tourists in this case for instance, is anticipated at 25 per cent of the expectations of the total number in the World Cup. Indeed, the world cup is expected to be pre-planned through the undertaking of the Confederation Cup. In this regard, this can be realized with regard to the information concerning suitability and the variety of the International Media Centre (IMC) as well as the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) (Tommy et al, 1999). Indeed, the inception of the world cup calls for early refurbishment of the social amenity and other facilities in the state and beyond with the concern of all the stakeholders of the football federation (Cohen & Cohen 2012)



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Additionally, the host Country-Brazil is charged with the challenge to prepare in advance despite the stiff program on the finishing up of the already initiated projects within the laid down procedures and policies for it to be able to host World cup lucratively. Consequently, there are various consequences of this sporting event (football world cup) especially on the host country ranging from affirmative to off-putting. Indeed, World cup is one of the major world sports events. Consequently, the native host of the event accrues some lifelong benefits with regard to its political ability and its suitability in the world tourism.

 In particular, the country of Brazil is expected to gain substantially through improved international image and the socio-economical situation. This will be achieved through the development of various infrastructural facilities. The successful completion of this organization and the subsequent hostage of the international event, will also improve the country’s international icon hence strengthen its global competence. Additionally, the country will also tend towards the attainment of its national target of becoming the fifth largest economy globally in the short run (Gui & Dredge 2012).

The immense desire to hold world sporting events in order to improve the national tourism capacity, Brazil is not exempted. Indeed, the level of tourism influx into a country emanates from such events. The spectators who arrive in the specific destinations for the world events become prospective tourist from various regions of the world. Increment in the global tourism inflows into the host country is also affected by the Global Media Spotlight (Cohen and Cohen 2012). Consequently, any social state that gets such an opportunity must exploit it maximum in order to reap up maximum benefits out the event through the involvement of the entire stakeholder.

Indeed, Brazil should use the opportunity as a stepping stone in the struggle for a selfless bottleneck. As a matter of facts, this is quite significant to the country as the growth in the country’s worldwide acknowledgement has been below the optimal for the past decades in both private and public sectors. Indeed, this would act as an equipment for the country to boost its tourism prospects that the event will surely present. On the same note, it has been identified that the economic prospects of the private sector in the Brazilian Economic is on a positive trend. Consequently, this results in the unwavering need for the exploitation for the purpose of the growth of the respective economy through the tourism industry in particular (Cohen & Cohen 2012). This is an eminent necessity following the recent underperformance of both the country’s airlines and pro-poor development of the tourism sector in the recent past. Indeed, over the recent past, the number of tourist sightseers has been on decreasing in the country, leading to sluggish advancements within the sector.

Empirical data has unveiled that despite Brazil’s measure and capacity to improve its utilization of opportunities, it has become one of the indispensable aspects of the country’s development agenda.  Having close corporate responsibilities is vital for its success as far as macro and micro economic performance is concerned. Indeed, the country’s economic performance can increase predominantly at an approximate, 80 per cent in 2014 if the country is to enhance means of reception of the resulting benefits. Indeed, the number of foreign tourists over the season is likely to stand at 2.9 million besides the normal capacity of visitor at the normal times (Boyko 2008).

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Social lives are also bound to improve following this world event. Indeed, high influx of tourist personnel results rising monetary flow as well, like social amenities, transportation and improved communication system. In addition, this will also result in various dynamics following the cultural setting due communal cultural exchanges worldwide due to the influx of people from various corners of the world. Consequently, world cup 2014 will result in additional income for the country approximating, 5.9 dollars US money. Additionally, the influx of foreign tourists is expected to impact positively to the economy.

Construction of Fan Parks

Poor management of resources results pro-poor economic performance.  According to Universidad de huge parks and outside locked areas that claim a high suitability for the development of recreational hubs were introduced during the world cup of Germany (Deusto & Rob 2004). Indeed, such facilities were spread out into various stations within Germany with acute concentration in cities to provide high profile services with respect to hospitality and entertainments.

The recreational activities upgrade, owing to the suitability for tourist camp also resulted. Indeed, in attendants can as well observe the events while at the comfort of their homestead. All these factors collectively lead to the unveiling of the country’s economic performances bolsters. For example, Fan Park of the 2006, which attracted quite a high number of tourists, is a sample instance. The country’s economic performance was therefore improved. When the total attendance of the visitors stood at 3.39 million people Fan Park, this lured 18 million more visitors as a result (Boyko 2008).     

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According to Gui and Dredge, the fan parks has other significant uses. Indeed, these parks provide both locals and international investors with fortified, lucrative investments particulars. Besides this, there is a subsequent evolvement of community employment possibilities and opportunity.  Visitors resulting from the world event leave behind a pool of investors that and investments in the host country thus narrowing the gap between the unemployed and the employed (Gui & Dredge 2012).

Consequently, this results in improved living standards in the long run. In Brazil however, it is there has been R$ 205 million, which translates to a significant number of employed individuals and advanced transportation among other socio-economic benefits. Additionally, the construction and employment of the Fan Park to the host’s economy are quite essential. According to the modern researchers, the construction and subsequent operation of the fan parks has lead to positive development of the country’s economy.

On the other hand, the World Cup challenge has a number of short comings. For instance, it has resulted to increased affinity for prostitution. Furthermore, social abnormalities also come alongside wildly infections, HIV notwithstanding. Indeed, it has been projected that the incidences of Hiv/Aids has risen following high incidents of unprotected sex. (Gui & Dredge, 2012).

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Re-Urbanization of Cities

World Cup has been like any other competition in the global scene. Indeed, the world cup of 2012 is a key element in the revitalization of the country’s economic pillars including the underperforming informal and formal sectors of the economy especially under the development of municipal councils basically oriented to serve the visitors. In the long run, these facilities legally bound to the host countries. Additionally, this ensures that communication improves. The language of broadcasting is also expected to change. While English remain as the language of communication in the median environment, various transitory languages also come along as a result due to the emergence of various language groups. Consequently, this has resulted in the cultural advancement

Indeed, the IBC has been charged with the mandate of accessing information and the subsequent decoding from this central nerve. Indeed, the resultant decoding has been carried out in a variety of languages. Consequently, this will result in the development of societies enlightened though the television exposure. In addition, the cultural interaction will be further enhanced through interactions. In the long run, this may end up enhancing peace and mutual integration. The 2014 world cup is also like to steer various dimensional diversities in the use of languages. For instance, the radio station in Brazil, English would imply diverse generation of further national outlook which could impact either on the positive or negatives. Indeed, the 2014, world cup event may employ the use of the radio medium of communication consequently, this is likely to boost the number of people to whom important messages rises through (Silvestre 2009).

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Financial Challenges and Inhibitors

According to Silvestre and the historic literature pertaining to e-governance indicates that in order for the e-governance to achieve success through the public domain, sufficient promotion is paramount. However, there have been challenges within the leadership platform with matter pertaining to the promotion among other aspects. Furthermore, the perception of the e-governance by the citizens is far much agonizing. This is most prevalent in sections that fall short of endorsement of e-governance (Silvestre 2009). Indeed, there has been from time to time recommendations upon which the e-government which may result in optimal government operations through the aspects such as appropriate monitoring of full production process.

Furthermore, according to Pillay & Bass (2009) argues that the financial challenges as well as inhibitors; and other empirical data bases especially with the current technological advancement and the particulate use of information system within various operating segments of the government. Indeed, various development agenda based reports accounts for the various government operations. Indeed, the methodologies of the upgrading of the cost-effectiveness of E-government counters the eminent which actually remains ineffective in the vast majority of the state in the world and the United states’ points, in particular, Brazil.

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Furthermore, Palhares & Dredge (2012) argues that the IBC is one of the best modalities in the transmission of messages get through to the people in the entire world. Indeed and for the sake of the world football and its unquenched importance, the IMCs facilities are installed in the field or the stadiums in which the game is taking place. In fact, IMC is an expensive venture with a rough estimate installment costs of R$ 185 million.  Furthermore, the course of undertaking the full course of IMC employs the aspect of stadium adaptation project which comprises s major factor in virtually all countries. Indeed, this aspect results in social influence of both micro and the macro economic situation of a country.

Certainly, the effects of the 2014 FIFA world cup on the sector of tourism of Rio de Janeiro is a plenty in number but a seasoned truth in that it incorporates other related sectors including: Social benefits from ventures in transport and communication networks; exposure of the country to global media and significant impacts on tourism; the microeconomic effects of the construction and enhancement of stadiums and an entire new window of probability that is developed around them due to the mammoth event;  effects of the volunteering line up on the income and edification of the people  and Potentially decreased violence and crime as an outcome of investment in general public security (Louw 2012).

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Report by Darnell (2012), these unequivocal effects is not confined in models that explain the economic relationships between organizations and agents from a solely financial and summative viewpoint by their very virtue hence eliminating them from the scope of the input-output techniques applied. As a matter of fact, it is usually difficult to find enough quantitative models that explain these phenomena reliably as a result of complication of the interaction network involved, hence, qualitative analysis and case studies exist under these circumstances (Roche 2000).

Indeed, the Organizing committee concedes that some aspect of planning need be incorporated of conformity work program for the event to happen under the principles avowed as well as passed by the world football governor, FIFA. There are three major actions of the World cup: Maneuver of the local organizing team. Another team is held accountable for the manner in which organizations are managed with regard to tournament and the coverage of their operational costs. These operating costs comprise travel costs of the teams, officials and delegations; personal costs of the committee and management fees; advertising and other expenses (Goldman 2011). The funds needed to cover all these costs are the complete responsibility of FIFA and was approximated to be R$ 854 million.

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Security operations

Security operations refers to the total cost of the actual number of police officers, up to about 79,000 people, needed to carry out security operations for the events in Rio de Janeiro. Indeed, the Poynter and Macrury argue that all world cup expenditure costs are not determined by the individual countries. On the contrary, these costs are subject to FIFA determination. For example, in Manaus the total expenditure of the operating costs has been approximated as R$ 280 million (Darnell 2012).

In conclusion, the 2014 world cup is projected to take a variety of social effect Rio de Janeiro. As a result the world event will enhance the global integration of the urban residents who will be attending the global event on a live coverage. Furthermore, the event will be spearheading the employment creation process for the medium and lower income residents in particular. Consequently, this will reduce the enormous gap between the two social classes of bourgeois and the proletariat. Finally, this event is bound to raise people’s living standards of all the residents especially within the city as well as boosting the whole economic performance of the Country.

In summation, from the context of the Brazilian hostage of the world cup, countries which have the prospect to host a global event like the world cup should make the ceiling out of it in the move to augment their natural output with the opportunity presented. Indeed, such countries like the Brazil should cuddle the opportunity amidst all the challenges that comes flanking it for the better performance of their economic sectors as well as the aggregate economy. However, failure to plan adequately for the federal government and the citizens in general can lead to ‘political suicide’ for the respective country especially in the tourism sector in particular. This is the case through the massive image destruction for the country in question. Consequently, countries that have been accorded the honor to host such proactive activities with a world outlook should use it to build their tourism base as well as capacity building for preference for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). This could be a stepping stone to the world of economic progress.


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