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Free «History of trade union in America» Essay Sample

What are the qualifications of the author? The author, Philip Dray is a historian who has won award for his work in history. He is also a public writer. There is power in union is one of his work which gives us the history of trade union in America. He has written several other books among them being there is “at the hands of person,”, and “the lynching of black American” which he won J. F. Kennedy award, and stealing God’s thunder. His work is excellent. He is able to bring out the picture and at the same time of the struggles faced by workers. His work is accepted in America as it is based on facts.

What are the contributions of Philip Dray to trade union? His superb work revolves around workers strikes, death of striking workers, heroic age of labor, as well as pinkerton agent. He has majored on episodic narrative. His work features the major organizers such as Big Bill, Haywood, Eugene Debs, and Gurley Flynn (Dray, 2010).According to him, the legacy of organized labor is both political and economic. His view is that though labor union is used as a tool for campaigning for civil liberties, it also challenges the American self-reliance beliefs (Dray, 2010). Through him, we are able to learn about the suffering faced by labor unionists, some of whom were arrested and imprisoned while some even lost their lives (Dray, 2010). The author is able to give a comprehensive history of trade union from Lowell’s textile mills in 1820s to decline in unionism in 1980s. He is able to explore several issues which workers in various eras assumed were their rights (Dray, 2010).


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Who are the intended audience for this book? The intended audience of the author is workers who have registered in various unions. His book leaves a legacy as far a labor movement is concerned. Without reading this book, it is impossible to appreciate American trade union anatomy (Dray, 2010). Apart from workers, the employers are also audience of this book. As they read it, they are likely to improve on the working conditioned of the workers. The book touches on all settings and it traces the struggle for security as well as well as dignity.

What is the political perspective of Philip Dray? As an author, Philip Dray’s main agenda is to see that all workers everywhere are treated with dignity. he is also interested in seeing the setting up of working standards in all industries and all other places of work (Dray, 2010). Through his narrative which is character driven, Philip Dray he is able to show why it is urgent to ensure that there is fairness as well as economic democracy (Dray, 2010). This is the daily struggle that individuals are faced with each day. He is able to give the clear steps toward achieving workers’ freedom from struggles.

The book by the title ‘there is power in union’ is basically talking about America’s trade union history. It touches on labor unions in America and their contribution to economic, cultural and political evolution (Dray, 2010). Through it vibrant achievements of well organized labor is well shown. The book also shows the significance of fight for economic democracy as well as fairness (Dray, 2010). This study illustrates the most superb American social movement in history. The history of organized labor is well documented in the book and dates back in 19th century struggles of textile workers to the current day labor movements (Dray, 2010).


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