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There has been debate on postmodernism. Scholars differ when it comes to the question of postmodernism. There are some who view it as radical modernism while others see it as distinctively postmodernism (King, 2008). There are some who believes that post means against and others view it as meaning after. This controversy is still there up to date (Dinge, 2012). There has been a strong relationship between postmodernism and religion in America. For a long time, Americans have been viewed as hyper religious. This paper will compare and contrast two essays: postmodernism vs. evangelical religion in post-1960 America and postmodernism and religious institutions by William D. Dinges.

According to Donge (2012), mobilization of population for social as well as moral causes has been the work of religious groups. Compared to many European countries, church attendance in America has been on rise (Donde, 2012). Charitable act among church goers is also high in America compared to other European nations. The same views are shared in King’s essay. The percentage of church goers in twentieth century has been on rise (Kings, 2008). There is however a low growth in religion. From 1952 to 2000, there has been only 3% increase in American’s religion adherence (King, 2008). The entire history of American religious history has been filled with a lot of ideas (Donge, 2012).

Increase in religious population in America has been attributed by rise in population. There has been an increase in number of people who are migrating in America recently. Religion has however experienced major problems (Donge, 2012, King, 2008). There has been institution salience loss (Donge, 2012). There have also been issues of religion being viewed as private entity and its involvement with politics (King, 2008). In postmodernism, symbols of religion have been forgotten (Donges, 2012). There has been inclusion of pop music in the churches today (King, 2008). Involvement of politics in religion is noted in the two essays. There have been a number of instances where churches have favored a certain candidate over the other (King, 2012)


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