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The California board of psychology is tasked with the duty of certifying psychologists. The board is also closely associated to the Medical board found in California. The main goal of California Board of psychology is to protect human health, their safety and also the wellbeing of all consumers of psychological services. It aims at achieving these goals by enhancing veracity, honesty and competence. The other goal of the California board of psychology is to emphasize better ethics of professional psychological practice. It also offers information on up to date trends in psychosomatic trends. Psychologists practicing forensic treatment for people drug offenders must have special requirements. They should be highly skilled and experienced. He or She should also have forensic experience. The psychologists should not be drug or alcohol users. They should also not have any fraud cases and crime cases. The California board of psychology also requires that psychologists dealing with drug offenders should not abandon their patients in any way whatsoever. This information will help me in being a better professional psychologist and help me in achieving my goals (Arrigo, 2000).

There are several guidelines on the treatment for forensic psychologists. They should be accurate, truthful and honest in their work. They should not be biased and unfair. Forensic psychologists should not have any conflicts of interest. This in turn helps in maintaining the confidence that the public has in them. There are some ethical dilemmas in forensic psychology. One of the ethical issues in forensic psychology is confidentiality. A forensic psychologist should maintain confidentiality. This is however limited by in correctional settings where they have to disclose information in instances where abuse and violence are involved. I can however, overcome this dilemma by discussing with a person the limits of confidentiality (Arrigo, 2000).


Psychologists have to be certified in order to offer professional services. They have to maintain high levels of professionalism and should not at any time disclose information about their patients unless in special circumstances. These special circumstances are usually allowed by the law e.g. in a correctional setting. An individual may also agree with the psychologist on the issue of confidentiality. Forensic psychologists offer information to courts as regarded by the law.


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