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Free «Why Study the Liberal Arts?» Essay Sample

Why study the liberal arts is one of the many questions that people seeking a long term career are asking. Liberal arts are not just a simple and no-brainer curriculum. As a matter of fact it is one curriculum that will impart general knowledge to the students that will eventually lead to the establishment of rational thought and high capabilities and opportunities for the intellectual growth. As opposed to the regular vocational and other professional curriculum, liberal arts are intricately design to enhance knowledge in the fields of literatures, philosophy, mathematics, history and science. However, liberal arts are not for people who do not have love for it. Studying this curriculum entails passion and interest. This is because of the fact that such interest and passion will enable anyone taking up the course to enable the growth of intellect that will prepare someone in embarking a more complex field of study or profession in the future. In the United States of America alone, the society is persuading students to take up liberal arts since it will pave the way and prepare them for graduate schools such as Law, Public Administration, Medicine and Theology. However, it cannot be denied that the best thing about taking up liberal arts is the fact that it helps and aid in the development of intellect and critical thinking freedom. With the knowledge that is being shared in the course of the study, students are being taught to practice sound judgment, rational and independent thinking. It helps the students to act not based on emotions but on facts. The forming of opinions and expertise is generated as the study progresses. Hence, it can be said that studying liberal arts does not only provides a broader and greater future but also aid in the development of self-confidence and an avenue for intellectual growth as well (Abbott, 199).


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