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Free «English as a Second Language» Essay Sample




DURATION:         8 am to 9am

At the end of the lesson the learner should be able to:

  1. Identify the various languages that are learnt.
  2. Understand the concept of English as a second language.
  3. Identify the ways in which English can be learnt as a second language
  4. Understand the concept of interpretive mode of communication
Duration Skills Learner/Teacher Activity Materials Resources


(10 minutes)



Answering of questions.

Asking of questions.


A preview of the previous lesson learnt on the aspect of second language. Most specifically, English. The students will answer the various questions asked by the teacher to brainstorm on the previous lesson and ask questions on what they did not understand. The previous assignment given will be checked to ensure that it was done by all the students. Could go through it briefly for the benefit of those who may have not understood well.


Exercise books.

The chalkboard.

Advanced Learners Macmillan Dictionary.


Lesson development

(40 minutes)



Answering of questions.

Looking at reference materials.


Taking down of notes.

There is the introduction of the topic of the day. This is on communication models focusing on the Interpretive model as used in language learning. Learners are supposed to understand how the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking aid in the acquisition of English as a second language as they are the skills used in the interpretive model. Expansion on each skill should be done and the way in which it aids in the acquisition done. Various articles on language acquisition can be read to see how acquisition occurs. One student to read the selected article as the rest listen intently and take notes. Students should be prompted to come up with explanations on how each skill works. They can look at textbooks and other sources like the internet too. The meaning of various words that may be encountered and have difficulty in understanding can be looked at in the dictionary.

Exercise books.


Various websites.



Handbook of visual communication; theory, methods and media. Routledge, 2005.

Encyclopedia of Communication Theory Volume 1. Sage Publishers, 20009.

Interpretive approaches to interpersonal communication, Suny press, 1994.

Conclusion of the lesson

(10 minutes)



Taking down of notes.

Responding to questions.

Asking of questions.

Noting down of the assignment.

The lesson is concluded with a summary of all the skills learnt in the day. This is to be given partly by the students, giving their own understanding of what they have learnt and the teacher correcting them where there are misconceptions on various issues in the topic. There is evaluation of the lesson by the teacher by asking of questions on the topic learnt to decipher if the concepts have been grasped well or not. The students are supposed to respond to questions asked. Students can also ask questions on areas that they did not understand. An assignment to be given that will aid in more research on the topic by the students to make them understand the topic further.


Revision books.

Handbook of visual communication; theory, methods and media. Routledge Publishers, 2005.

Macmillan Advanced Learners Dictionary.

Other revision materials that can be accessed by the students are recommended.


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