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Free «Women Are Strong, Society Weakens Them» Essay Sample

“What a bouncing baby girl!” everyone will exclaim when a mother gives birth to a baby girl. The young girl would be treated by all the people around her like a girl. She will be described as beautiful, pretty, and many other feminine words. Right from the start, she will be aware that she is a girl and should behave like one. She is treated like a fragile being, pampered, and given all the attention, then put in her position in the society – the position of being a girl. The society teaches her that women are weaker and should not hold their names. They always ought to have the surname of their fathers and not their mothers’ ones. They will change the fathers’ last names to that of their husbands when they get married. She goes to a mixed school where she tops her class, and later becomes among the best lawyers of her generation. This girl later endures the pain of giving birth, perceived to be among the most excruciating pain. She, however, remains in belief that she is a woman and should remain lower than men. So, is it true to say that women believe they are weak only since they know they were female human-beings and not due to their lesser capabilities? Because they compete academically, some make much better careers than men, and endure among the most pains like labor pains, are they really as weak sex as people perceive? Their capabilities cannot be undermined, but their belief and knowledge they are women make them believe that ones are weaker. We can agree that their body stature and physical appearance is different from that of men, but does that really make them weaker? This paper will attempt to show that women are indeed very strong, still their weakness lies in their belief. 



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History states that person is naturally a social animal. This has been positively proven as people move for long distances to look for mates. It has nevertheless been noted that women are more social than men, which shows that they may be more human than men. They hold conventions based on their gender while men are mainly brought together by other, not connected with their sex, issues (Chabon and Johnson 2012). Women have created women banks and microfinance institutions, programs and even policies that ensure they remain together. According to the aforementioned, women magazines are more than any other – a forum that brings together women from many backgrounds. This shows that they have a binding strength that is only found amongst them. However, Chabon and Johnson (2012) express their shock that women look down upon themselves when it comes to issues such as political elections. They tend to believe that female persons cannot be as good leaders as men, which can be attributed to the seed planted in them indicating their sex identity. They do not take examples from the renowned global women leaders who have proven that gender is not a barrier to success or greatness.

Mental Strength

Women are known to have strong mentality (Lazarus 2011). They are the people with the most impressive success stories and have provided the world with inspiration. For instance, there are more ladies magazines than men’s, where the women explain their difficulties. Further, it has been determined that women are the main pillar in families. While many mothers have successfully raised their children alone, there is a significantly less population of fathers who have done the same (Chabon and Johnson 2012). This signifies that men are not as strong as women, and their successes are well-measurable and can be determined by this feat. In many developing countries, males are reported to have abandoned their families due to the deplorable economic environment, but women have managed to ensure that they keep their families (Orenstein 1994). They perceive raising their children as their responsibility, which they have succeeded in proving. Women have the belief that things would get better after sometime, when men easily give up and cannot persevere.

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It can also be checked from statistics, which show that women live longer than men. The United States average lifetime for men, for example, is about 74 years, while that for women is about 80 years (Lazarus 2011). This shows that women are able to face the difficulties of life in a manner that does not affect their health, or that they can tolerate harsh conditions that men are not able to. As a result, men grow weary faster than women, showing that latter may have a better mental ability which improves their perceptions over issues (Orenstein 1994). In most families, women are the recipients for beating by men, yet they manage to keep their strengths and live longer. Despite these facts being known, women still feel inferior and give men a precedence, just because they are men, and not because of their capability.

It Is All about Mentality

It was stated continuously that physical appearances of people define their gender (Orenstein 2009). When the pointed feature of an individual shows characteristics attributed to women, that person is described as a female and the contrary is true. This perception has been the source of inferiority for the weaker sex. They withhold their physical appearance as women higher than that of their being human beings, who can do anything they wish to do (Orenstein 1994). Women who believe that they can challenge men have done so, and many of them have succeeded and have been accepted amongst men. Those who have looked at themselves as women because the society tells them so, have remained inferior. If it was real that analyzed gender’s representatives were inferior, and their genetic composition, their abilities, their intelligence among other attributes were all inferior to those of men, it would not be possible to have girls beating boys in exams, women taking up CEO positions, women becoming presidents among others (Lazarus 2011). As Orenstein (2009) asks if a woman appearance was changed and breasts and hips and ovaries amputated, would it make them easier to become leaders or become manlier? Possibly not. The appearance does not matter, but what they believe in defines their path. What they need to do is change their mentality towards themselves and create a belief that they are as competitive as men. 

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It is evident that women may be strong and even perform better than men. Just like there are weaker men than others of a kind, some women may be either weaker or stronger than men dependently of their capabilities. The dominance by men ensures that they remain in the physical, political and economic power – the three areas that men outdo women. However, the trend is slowly changing and this is something that is worth watching closely. Women are changing in their beliefs and are emulating great heroes such as Queen Elizabeth, who has remained in the political power for many decades. The African women are slowly taking political positions that have been dominated by men, and there are two women presidents. The Muslim communities are liberating their belief in inferiority and rights to education and have started to protest and demand for equality. This could be a revolution that has been absent among women, and since they fight for their equal rights, they are cautious about what they ask for. They appreciate that there are areas they are weaker, such as the physicality, but use their strengths to ask for more recognition. This could be the unprecedented period when the strength of women will be brought to light, and the feeling of being a weakling after realization that one was a girl, changes to become their strength. They would not be subjective any more, but would challenge men, especially in the managerial positions, where women have done exemplary well.

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Therefore, people should be wary whenever they make taunting statements about women in the workplaces. They may be surprised to realize the person they taunted would become their boss. 


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