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Social reproduction is a concept used in sociology. It is used to describe processes which support or determine characteristics of fastidious social customs over years. It can also be seen as a study of how a class formation is replicated from a one generation to another.

Effects of Social Reproduction on Inequality

Social reproduction hypothesis disputes that schools are not institutes of chance but methods of effecting social inequalities (Bakker & Silvey, 2012). It is where each person develops her or his partiality on the foundation of surveillance and social relationships, for instance, between peers, students, and teachers (Collins, 2009). Consequently, people socialize in a precise place and context which proffers diverse chances of access to cultural, social, and educational resources. Therefore, experiences at the workplace, between family members and in relationships can be easier or more complex depending on a place of residence, school attended, and family background (Alberio, 2012).



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Segregation also has an effect on social reproduction because accessibility of social services and national resources at the local level is a problem (Alberio, 2012). Structural personality of a region in terms of deficiency or presence of a particular service and communication is a factor causative to reputation and quality of a certain area (Keynote, 2005). As a result, chances of access to symbolic goods and materials between cities are not equal. School is a significant factor in the relationship between social inequalities and segregation. In many cases, school is at the center of social inequalities and social relations. Therefore, diverse plans have been put forward by middle-class families to achieve impressive qualifications.

Additionally, genuine influence of education on human opportunities appear to be overrated resulting in a kind of mania contributing to increased social inequalities (Alberio, 2012). Furthermore, family and social background have an influence on the connection between people and education. A family is viewed as a place where expectations, educational plans, and ambitions are built. Family trajectories also contribute to the process of inequality reproduction and social disadvantage (Keynote, 2005).

Parents have also been seen by sociologists as the most important agents in the reproduction of social benefit or disadvantage through education (Keynote, 2005). Modern cultural, educational, and economic changes have produced innovative circumstances for parental operation outside and inside schools (Bakker & Silvey, 2012). However, these changes create new situations and possibilities for losing or winning in the learning game for diverse social class divisions at analogous levels.

Globalization may also emerge as a new opportunity or constraint for families of all social classes making them build up innovative educational plans (Keynote, 2005). This is because most parental educational plans have been rooted in national cultures, educational systems, and economies.

Finally, school teachers also play a major role in increasing or reducing inequality. It is perceived by studying the relationship between their ethnic origin and teacher-pupil relations (Keynote, 2005). Curriculum of high-class and middle-class pupils has been developed with qualified teachers attending to them. The methods used to teach them are more innovative than those for lower-class pupils leading to inequality in social reproduction (Alberio, 2012).

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Humanity is stolen from underprivileged people as they are seen as urban poor, unemployed, and the “have-nots” in the society. Social reproduction cycle should be broken to create egalitarianism in the modern world. For instance, schools should promote equal opportunities and fight social inequalities in order create freedom and equality in the society. 


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