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The Starry Night is a painting by Vincent Van Gogh in 1889 while in asylum at Saint-Remy (Vincent van Gogh Gallery, 2013). The artistic work is an artistic achievement in the contemporary artistic world alongside others like Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. The Starry Night is held in the Van Gogh Gallery and can be found on many merchandizes almost everywhere. The original Starry Night is held in the gallery alongside other famous paintings by Van Gogh and can be observed during any time since the gallery is hosted online. The painting is one of the enduring masterpiece drawings by Van Gogh and continues to receive applaud from viewers; mainly because of the way Van Gogh uses lines and space to represent the stars and the clouds. The twelve stars are proportionally spaced to give space for the viewer to gaze from one feature to the other. The buildings appear in the horizon to give scale and the huge figure in front is a manifestation of the balance. Because of the availability of other numerous paintings in the gallery, Starry Night is an emblem of the mastery that Van Gogh had in depicting different feelings and perceptions. The surrounding affects the feel and appreciation of the work because through this piece, one is able to appreciate the artistic capabilities of the artist.

Starry Night is an expression of the sky, the stars, and the landscape as seen from the horizon. The painting captures nature through painting of the sky and the landscape. The sky has clouds, eleven stars, and the moon to reinforce the fact that the painting was done in the night. These three features occupy the minds of the people naturally when night is mentioned. As such, Van Gogh brings attention to the common night features that people do not really appreciate in their lives. The stars have been used over ages in astrology to interpret the happenings in the life of people. The stars are believed to have particular meanings accordance to their constellations and therefore are powerful tools to interpret or even predict the course of events in the life of people (Erickson, 1998). The clouds are a sign of rain that is important in keeping the land green.


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