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For the past few decades, women and an increasing number of men have been preoccupied with changing how they look. Researchers have confirmed that almost up to 88% of women would want to lose weight and 37% of men are not satisfied with their bodies. According to the research by Conner-Greene in 1988, an average American woman is 5’4’’ and weighing 140 pounds whereas the media portray that an average American woman is 5’11” and weighing 120 pounds. These has made the adolescent and the young population to be vulnerable and hence developing eating problem. It has been noted that a lot of teenagers and youths are starving themselves to a point of death as they try to change the way they look.

A lot of influence especially from the media, peer pressure from friends and families have left many young women with low self-esteem. It is now everybody’s perception that in order to look beautiful and appreciable, one has to be thin. There is a lot of pressure in women in order to reduce weight.



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A recent research has showed that males are also not satisfied with their body look. An ideal man in America is considered lean and a muscular body shape. The same researchers have concluded that the shape of an ideal man which is the V-shaped physique is unattainable although it is a daily norm advert in magazines. This has resulted to so much appearance and body dissatisfaction in men.

I truly disagree with the perception that only thin people are physically attractive. This fact is not necessarily true. I hear people say that confidence is the male analog to thin. This is very untrue because most thin girls who are full of themselves tend to put-off most men. From my point of view I would say that confidence is factored by one accepting and loving her/his body. When a lady is confident with the way she looks she develops an appreciation spirit within her. Dressing one’s body appropriately is what makes one look good.

It is not a secret that media heavily advertises thin people as beautiful. At a very young age Americans are subjected to what is termed as beautiful through television, billboards and the lives of the rich and the famous. The ideal that is offered by the media is clearly unrealistic. This has led to men and women developing unrealistic expectations and desires. These have made people to adapt unhealthy behavior. Some girls and women compare themselves to the models in the adverts in terms of their physical attractiveness. Some commentators have rejected the emphasis by the media and fashion conscious people on body size and the ideal shape of a female, as it has resulted to excessive dieting and exercise.

From my point of view I would say that a person does not have to be thin so as to look good. Am not encouraging people not to watch their weight, NO! There also some very negative impacts that come along with being fat, but one should not fight so hard and be under so much pressure so as to be thin for the purpose of being attractive to people. It has also been noted that many young people starve themselves to a point of death or they are underweight. There should be no pressure in trying to lose weight.

For so many years now it has been hard for people, especially the fat people, to live up to the standards of their society and believe of what an ideal body is. The several factors that lead to a dislike of one personal’s body image include biological predisposition and family dynamics which result to depression and anxiety. People are always told and shown the cosmetic appeal of weight loss and are warned about the risk of obesity, this something that can lead to a change in a person’s body image. Especially the fat people are left vulnerable and helpless to their emotions. People who have low body image will try to alter their bodies by undergoing cosmetic surgery or by dieting.

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The society and media educators have strongly criticized the actions of the media and advertising firms for the unrealistic advertisements of the ideal female body images and impacts that come along with those pictures on the young people. It is reasonable to conclude that those images in adverts have resulted to negative peer influence on the people and are considered socially unhealthy.

In conclusion, I would say that being fit and healthy is a good thing, but the pressure that is mounted on the people to be thin, is unnecessary. The media and the people who think that only the thin people are attractive are very wrong and mistaken. Being attractive should be influenced by being healthy, eating right, exercising in the right manner and ensuring that one’s body is free from dietary diseases. More to that, an individual should love his or her body and should be confident about it. This is what makes one beautiful. The media on the other hand could be right but the main problem is the pressure they induce in people. Gaining a lot of weight can be unhealthy as it results to obesity. The main threat that the media imposes to the fat people, is the pressure that they create. They fail to understand it is not only the thin people who are beautiful, even fat people are beautiful.


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