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The poster ‘Americans will always fight for liberty’ was painted by a painter, Bernard Perlin as a propaganda poster and was commissioned by the US government, the established office of War information, which was a federal agency during World War II in 1943. The US government wanted to promote patriotism when they commissioned the poster, which was directed with some seriousness. The US government background was the troops of the continental army, who endured harsh winter in 1777-1778. The poster was mostly addressing the Americans and this executed well through the saying “Americans will always fight for liberty”. The word “Americans” is written largely in bold to capture the American’s attention. It also does this by including an American flag on the shoulder of the soldier that is near the viewer and the old flag in the background Madi Mart (2005). The argument achieves the rhetorical goal in the poster as it made it look like it is necessary to fight against the enemies of America and achieve liberty. This was achieved as most Americans were involved in the war whether directly or indirectly


The claim in this poster is that Americans will always fight for liberty. Is this claim true?

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In the poster, the American soldiers from 1778 stand strongly in rows, they firmly hold their guns and look on proudly and confidently. These soldiers died while struggling for freedom and liberty, showing that it is an American duty to fight for it. The old American flag has also shown meaning that we, Americans, originated from fighting for liberty. The 1943 soldiers in the poster are shown to be marching in unison; this shows how Americans are united in fighting for liberty. Do these grounds support the claim? Yes, but not sufficiently.


The poster uses the need for affiliation from Job Fowles’ appeals by using the word “AMERICANS” in bold and printing it large so as to attract the viewer and provoke his need of affiliation to the ongoing fight for liberty.

The soldiers from 1943 are holding their guns, while their heads are turned to the other soldiers of 1778, and this demonstrates the need for guidance. (Resty, 2005). The poster made the civilians want to be involved in World War II since it affected everyone and anyone who would not be feeling left out; actually, this was the need for autonomy.


The poster clearly shows how united America heads towards liberty as the soldiers fought with all power they had to ensure freedom and liberty in the USA.



It is always patriotic to fight for liberty just as the soldiers did, as the poster emits patriotism.

Supporting grounds

The soldiers of 1778 were persistent, dedicated and sacrificed their lives for the greater good. The American revolutionary army depicts unity in fighting for liberty. This encouraged civilian involvement in the pursuit of independence and calling out of the Americans to be united in persistence and dedication for the greater good.


The poster promotes patriotism in every sense of the word and it influenced the civilian’s involvement in World War II even if they were not directly fighting in the battle field hence Americans will always fight for freedom.


Americans will always fight for liberty as it is deemed patriotic, dedicational and persistent. The above virtues were instilled in the civilians till to date.


So far as the evidence goes, Americans will always fight for their liberty unless some civilians are not patriotic enough to fight for what they believe in.


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