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Since time immemorial, terrorism has been America’s biggest challenge compared to all the others. America stands out as a superpower, and this poses as a big security risk. However, the United States of America has been able to stand up strong and defend its borders from any terrorist attack. Even though it has had major hits such as the September 11th bombing of the World’s Trade Center, America is a nation that has shown its ability to defend its citizens from terrorism at all costs (Hoffman, 2008). Compared to other nations, it has made great progress in preventing terrorism and fighting terrorists such as the Al Qaeda and Taliban (Hoffman, 2008). Close analysis reveals that America is a Nation with the strongest defense system that can counter any terrorist attack at any given moment in time. Fighting the terrorist groups and joining forces with other countries to help fight militia groups in some states is a significant reason as to why America has made great progress in reducing terrorism (Hoffman, 2008). The number of soldiers the nation sends to other countries to help combat crime and terrorism also shows the relentless efforts that the nation has had towards fighting terrorism (Terorrism).

One would ask how America has been able to fight and/or reduce/prevent terrorism. It looks a big question, but the answer is simple; America has the strongest defense system. This is evident through the large army they have, the unmatched skills and weapons and the organization under which the defense system runs. Additionally, agencies such as the FBI, CIA and the Secret Service present in USA play a major role in combating terrorism (Terorrism). They are organized and act with a high rate of intelligibility and systematic organization which is a key factor in dealing with terrorists and consequentially reducing and/or preventing terrorism. These are the major factors that one could attribute America’s success in progressing towards terrorism reduction and prevention (Terorrism). Therefore, in comparison to other countries, America has stood out to show its undying efforts in fighting terrorism all over the globe.


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