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This document briefly describes nursing leadership and how nursing leaders can use professional organization to stay aware of political actions in the nursing and health industry.

Formal and Informal Power of Nursing Leadership

Leadership power refers to an individual ability to get things done. The leadership power within an organization can be categorized as formal and informal. Formal leadership power comes from formal position one possesses in an organization. Formal power is defined in job description and is known to everyone in the company. But informal power is not officially granted to someone, it comes out of respect and credibility of the work which he/she does. A nurse leader also possesses both formal and informal powers. He/she possesses formal power due to his/her designation and informal power comes with experience and skills he/she has.

Importance of Political Action Awareness

It is important for nursing leaders to stay up-to-date with health care related policy to protect nursing practice and its scope. Knowledge on these issues produces better nurses and keeps the patient's safest environment. The American Nurses Association (ANA) is one such organization for the nurse leaders to get awareness about political changes.

Political Action Awareness to Nurse Leaders

There are many professional organizations which monitor the ongoing changes in political action across nations. The American Nurses Association is one such organization established in 1986 to protect and advance nursing profession. Education program and nursing organizations create awareness to nurse leaders about the various political actions and health policies to create better nurses ensuring safety environment for patients. A good understanding of health care policy and procedure is vital for creating efficient nurse leaders.


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