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Free «Apropos of Anarchism» Essay Sample

Anarchy has been highly been misunderstood by both the society and even more likely to be misunderstood if the manner in which it is used in social media is not changed. As most people in the United States have access to internet and particularly social media. It is from the definition that is created in the social media among others that will more probably lead most Americans getting the wrong definition of the term.

In general terms, anarchism is a political philosophy that makes a state be ungovernable, and undesirable by most of the people. For most Americans, as they come to know of its meaning from the social media, they define it as chaos or disorders existing in a society. However, it is not always true that anarchism will always result to chaos or disorders. In quite a unique manner, anarchism represents some traits of freedom of the citizens, from the usurp powers of the state. Where anarchism exist, chaos or disorders in the society are not likely to be present. In various occasions, people demands freedom and their rights as individuals.



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According to Baradat, as he explains chaos theory, it is notable that at every time when there is anarchy, there is some sought of order. Contrary to what may be in the public domain concerning anarchy, if properly handled anarchy can operate with no chaos. Most anarchists believe that living with little control of the government. This has as well been viewed as a platform for various activists to fight for freedom of the people. When this happens, there is little government influence and this can be considered as the sweet fruits of anarchism.

Furthermore, while more conservative politicians and some other persons in the society have accused anarchy and its campaigners as the major cause of cruelty in the world, this can’t go undisputed. It can be noted that of the most progressive nations in terms of democracy, government control has been sufficiently been reduced. Such actions by the government will allow people act alone independently and this is what is mainly considered as the start of anarchy in a country.

Another great advantage of anarchism is that people get a chance to have a leadership that is close to them and whom they well know. Having contact with leadership is a positive thing for the society as most people get involved in development or decision making organs. Again, anarchy can be said to reduce bureaucracy that has existed among the world governments. In anarchy society, there are no such bureaucracies. In fact, what does exist is a system where people do as it pleases them and not what the leadership want to have.

Moreover, tribes are able to protect their cultures and traditions. Where anarchy thrives, clans and families take control of their own affairs something that allows them preserve their traditional believes. In that case, presence of anarchism in the world would allow humanity enjoy our diverse society. Traditional practices will be more entrenched and used by individual societies to try and maintain their uniqueness from other cultures in the world.

Further, if anarchy comes into place, there will be little conflicts that cover a wide area. As most clans are not big enough to take control over the others in a more violent manner without a formidable resistance that will stop that expansion. No community will be overly powerful to control over the entire universe as has happened in the current world. For instance, when in the previous world order the nations were villages or city states or where clans ruled themselves. When these states where consolidated to bigger nations, competition increased, as they tried to outshine each other and take control. This is something that had not existed during the eras when the rule of the clans existed.

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Anarchy though if chaos erupts may not be productive; it has contributed to devolved system that will allow development to clan level as people would fund those projects that they consider more important to them. Again, tax is not levied on individuals who are not going to enjoy the benefits of the development that is going to be done. Again, people will make monetary contributions to such programs as they will consider both socially viable and morally upright in their society. Again, anarchism allows equal sharing of resources among the clans. When a country is made up of a bigger territory with a single government, this is likely to lead into marginalization of the smaller communities by the bigger ones or a few members of the society against the majority.

In addition, anarchism helps people work and achieve for their own selves. Since there is no collective responsibility on the part of the governing authority, there is little self imposed taxing system and most people work to benefit their own selves. In case of a social amenity such as a hospital, school or road, people make contributions for that particular purpose. Such contributions are timely and will more probably be allowed for a period of time when the project is being carried on and come to an end immediately it has been concluded. There are no contribution that is likely to be made to invest on behalf of individuals as there exist no legally recognizable government.


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