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Culture could be described as the society’s  thoughts, its feelings, beliefs, and  lifestyle. Culture also constitutes the knowledge of human experience and shapes it. This saved-up knowledge belongs to the human groups. Culture in various human groups is different. Even the issue of culture in the animal world frequently appears.

Biologists argue that animal species have manifold behavior patterns, which they learn through imitating others. Many animals use a developed system of communication with sounds and gestures to attract mates or to alert others to danger. For example, dolphins are the owners of a complex auditory language.  There is something grievingly in the way elephants gather and fondle the bones of  dead  elephants. We reveal other examples of learned not an instinctual animal behavior and the way of their communication, if remember their annual returning to the nesting sites. Somebody treats this as animal world’s  culture. This is an argued statement. 

Andersen (2004) acknowledges “that culture is what makes us human, does  it distinguish humans from animals? The distinction between humans and animals is not as clear, as was once believed…”  Wildgen (2004) states that “a  major difference between animal and human  communication was thought to relate to the referential function unique to the human language. Animal calls can be referential in relation to objects and events external to the caller”.

Language fixes what people think and how they perceive the surrounding world. Language is a part of human culture. Primarily, language was interpreted as a social object and system of signs. It seemed to be the ready product, not the result of speakers’ action (Saussure, 1898). In the twentieth century, Noam Chomsky stated  “Language is a natural object, a component of human mind, physically  represented in the brain and part of the biological endowment of species” (Chomsky, 2002). The basic principle of his theory is that  the constituent part of  human language is its creative nature. It was rejected  that  the human brain  is  a blank  mechanism at birth filled in during the life. He argued that the mind with system of  knowledge  and  language  possesses  the  innate  properties.  According  to  the Chomsky’s theory,  language is manifested in human mind (Chomsky, 2002). All accumulated  knowledge  and  appropriately cultural knowledge  preserved in human language is what  reflects in our culture.

According to other hypothesis of Sapir-Whorf’s theory, “language determines social thought, because it provides the categories through which social reality is understood” (Sapir, 1921; Whorf, 1956).  Sapir and Whorf claimed that speakers of different languages have different perception of  life. Language depicts the cultural values. Internet language is curt and reflects  an acceleration in highly technological society. This process is not single-sided. Other cultural changes accordingly are fixed  in usual  language. On the other sight, language shapes perceptions of the modern time  and   influences greatly culture. We see mutual  interference between the language and culture.


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