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The house that will be built in this project will be located on a hill in Santa Clara County, California. The entrance to the house will be South-facing to allow the sun rays to heat the house from the East to the West during morning hours. This will play an important role in warming the house after cold nights, and help in dealing with low temperatures of the hills of Santa Clara County.

The house will have a concrete foundation that will be deep. This is because a house located on hills requires this firm groundwork to protect it from vagaries of weather, such as storm and strong winds. Areas of the foundation that lie below the ground level will be water proof as a precaution, because, as it is commonly known, builders always acknowledge that a firm foundation is the most important step in building a new house.

The building materials that will be used in constructing this house will be roof shingles made from fibre glass. Room shingles made from fibre glass were chosen because they are good insulators and they enable saving of energy. Insulation of the house will be achieved through the use of insulated concrete foam, as this will make it easy to fill all the interior parts of the walls.

The windows and doors to be used in the house will be made of low energy glass that will enable the house to stay warm. The house design will not be a storey type and the entire house will be on the ground including the basement. The heating in the house will be achieved through the use of solar PV panels. The cooling system will be made up of air conditioners powered by solar panels. The alternative energy, which will be used, is going to be wind turbines and solar panels. The wind turbine will be located in the western side of the house where wind will be blowing from.


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